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CAPOW Banners / Buttons

Add the following code to your page.

<A HREF="" target="_top"><IMG src="FILENAME" border=0 width=XX height=YY alt="_C_reative _A_nime _P_rose _O_riginal _W_riting"></A>

Where FILENAME is the banner you want to use. XX is the width of the banner and YY is the height. Buttons are 200x40, banners are 470x70.

capow-megumi-sm.gif & capow-megumi-lg.gif

capow-selena-sm.gif & capow-selena-lg.gif

capow-lina-sm.gif & capow-lina-lg.gif

capow-amg-sm.gif & capow-amg-lg.gif

capow-mai.gif (88x31 special size)


capow-ranma-sm.gif & capow-ranma-lg.gif

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Buttons by Dare Cheung
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