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CAPOW Charter

Revised February 2000

This charter replaces all previous versions.


1.1 - CAPOW: Creative Anime Prose Original Writing, also known as Creative Anime Prose Otaku Writing.

1.2 - The thread CAPOW appears on a listserver divided into three parts; capowadmin is for administration messages only, capowstory is for stories and meta posts regarding stories, and capownoise is for all other posts . Details on the listserver and how to subscribe (members and new members) may be found on the CAPOW webpage. All CAPOW threads must be titled using the tag [CAPOW] before the story line title. This assists us when searching for CAPOW threads in our incoming mail. Subscription to CAPOWADMIN is mandatory.

1.3 - Discussions of CAPOW matters should be confined to the capownoise list. This includes matters not directly related to CAPOW administration or current storylines.

1.4 - Prospective new members must post a stat form for each character that they plan to use, where the character is not an established anime chara. This should be posted to one or all of the group, either directly or via the web site. All characters should be anime related. In addition, it is required that some form of short writing example, usually a short introduction story, be posted along with the character sheet. New members will be decided on by a tally of votes one week after character submission. Anyone not having voted by this time will have lost his or her vote. Rejected characters may be resubmitted, after having been suitably modified, a minimum of 24 hours after their rejection.


2.1 - All posts should be written in prose style. The style is a distinctive one compared with GRIT, a similar group that posts mostly using script style. Script style CAPOW posts are tolerated only by consent of the current posting CAPOW members.

2.2 - Players should try to write other player's characters "in character". Failure to do so may be cause for the controller of the character which has been written "OOC" to request a re-writing of the offending post.

2.3 - Continutity. In the event of two posts which conflict with each other being posted, the one which arrived on the ML first is to be accepted and the later one, and any thread which may have followed it, to be redone to fit the current continuity.


3.1 - The cast of CAPOW are set using email stat lists, sent to each member and to the web site. Any anime chara may be used as long as they stay faithful to the original chara design. The user should notify the other of any deviation as soon as possible.

3.2 - The use of RL's and power-playing in general (i.e. the use of all- powerful, unresponsive charas) is generally not allowed. RL's should be regarded as NPC's at all times.

3.3 - The maximum number of characters a CAPOW member may possess at one time is two (2). NPC characters, which are not "owned" by any specific CAPOW player, are to be kept in a collective pool to be drawn apon when needed. A member MUST have at least one of his or her two primary characters in a thread to participate in that thread.

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