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Last updated: October 11, 2000
Below are all pictures available for the various characters of CAPOW, with their artist in parentheses. Note that some of these characters have become NPCs or were completely taken out of CAPOW, so you won't find sheets for some of these characters.

Character Pictures

Ace Ban Dage SD Ace Ban Dage (Ace Ban Dage)
Ace Ban Dage, portrait (Ian Kim)
"I once caught one that was this big!" (James Chu)
Ace Ban Dage (Ian Kim)
Ahlen Souichi Ahlen, what a cutie! (Keon Christensen)
Ahlen portrait (Dare Cheung)
Akiko Tomura Akiko Tokuma (Jinx)
Akiko (Xande)
Alzena Pygmalion Alzena Pygmalion (Dot Warner)
Anne Packrat Anne Packrat (Ace Ban Dage)
Anne Packrat, portrait (Ian Kim)
Anne.. feminine? (Carrie Tobin)
"You're cute when you smile" (Carrie Tobin)
Anne, cute (Jinx)
Belinda Wittman Belinda Wittman (Dot)
Belinda the waitress (Talen)
Dachend Dachend Yajin (Keon)
Dachend & Dracho'xian (Keon)
Check out the claws! (Keon)
Dachend looking casual (Keon)
Bloodlust (Keon)
SD Dachend (Talen)
Everlife (Talen)
Falora Falora (Dot Warner)
Falora (Xande)
Haki Haki (Keon)
Irene Ul Copt Metallium Irene Ul Copt Metallium (Dot)
Irene sans cape (Dot)
Jerry Jerry portrait (Ian Kim)
Jinx Jinx and Silber (Jinx)
Jinx with basketball (Jinx)
Chibi-Jinx, Chibi-Silber (Jinx)
Makendo Power! (Jinx)
Casual and Girlish (James Chu)
Joseph/Josephine Sutedja Joseph Sutedja (Carrie Tobin)
Do guys carry dolls? (Carrie Tobin)
Jo-chan (Jinx)
Just add Water (Dot)
Joseph/Jo-chan (Talen)
Joseph (Amara Nguyen)
Jo-chan (Amara Nguyen)
Jude Jude on Bike (Sketch) (Talen)
Jude on Bike (Inked) (Talen)
Nightclub Dress (Carrie)
Junsui Junsui (Xande)
Katt Katt & her wrench (Gary Hudston)
Casual Katt (Lorna Appleby)
Katt relaxing (Keon Christensen)
Kai Kai (Talen)
Kimiko Souichi Kimiko Souichi (Dare Cheung)
Kimiko on the job (Dare Cheung)
Kokutan Kokutan (Carrie Tobin)
Beautiful smile (Carrie Tobin)
Kokutan and Chibi-Kokutan (SD) (Carrie Tobin)
Chibi-Kokutan encounters a squirrel (Dare Cheung)
Where's my tail?!? (Keon)
Nightclub Dress (Carrie)
Lyta Fireheart Lyta powering up (Dare Cheung)
Megumi Nomura Megumi Nomura (Jinx)
Naomi Aotori Naomi Aotori (Carrie Tobin)
Raven Raven Flies (Keon)
Raven Portrait (Keon)
Ray Ray (Old) (Ian A.)
Ray (New) (Ian A.)
Rekishi Rekishi portrait (Ian Kim)
Rekishi up-close (Keon Christensen)
Ryan Matheuszik Ryan (James Lau)
Ryan portrait (Ian Kim)
Ryan (Keon Christensen)
Ryan & Dachend (Keon)
Ryan (Talen)
More Ryan (Talen)
Samui Namida Samui Namida (Dot Warner)
Samui broken (Dot Warner)
"Life Insurance?" (Dot Warner)
Namida (Talen)
Nightclub Dress (Carrie)
Clubbing (Dot)
Shimaru Shinsei Shimaru's First Lesson (Talen)
Attention class! (Keon)
A normal discussion with God? (Talen)
Shimaru? (Yes indeed!) (Talen)
Shizuka Shizuka (Keon)
Susano Susano (Susano)
Susano (Susano)
Susano portrait (Susano)
Thickett Thickett (Ace Ban Dage)
Thickett (James Chu)
Yugo Kawajira Yugo (Ian A.)
One Pissed Alien (Ian A.)

Group Pictures

Thicket, Ryan, Madoka, Rekishi and Anne (Ian Kim)
CAPOW Moment <hee hee> (Ian Kim)
Katt and Dachend (Lorna Appleby)
Chibi-Jinx and Chibi-Jo-chan up for mischief! (Jinx)
Chibi-Hug Attack!! (Jinx)
Dot-chan's SD Special
Naomi and Megumi, back 2 back (Carrie)
Haki and Shizuka (Gigi)
Dachend & Katt (Keon)
Marriage Moment (Talen)
Katt and Dachend posing (Talen)
Solace in a Demon's Arms (Keon)
Capow at Night (Talen)
Happy Halloween! (Dot)
Jo & Shimaru (Talen)
Shimaru and Falora (Talen)

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