Name: Akiko Tokuma

5'7", slender build, body to DIE for. Has long blue hair (almost always worn in a ponytail) that falls past her waist and deep blue eyes. Her beauty's only flaw (if it can be called that) is that she always (95% of the time, anyway) has a slightly mocking look on her face. But then again, most people seem to overlook that, to their inevitable dismay.

Highly intelligent (IQ 160)

Not exactly a gourmet chef, but no Akane or C-ko either.

Fighting Skills:
Not trained in martial arts, but she can brawl like nobody's business; most people find that surprising considering her body but it's true nonetheless. Also a telekinetic of very precise skill.

Special Abilities:
The powers granted to her as a Ryuu (weredragon): telekinesis and the ability to take a half-dragon, half-human battleform. In battleform, she can fly, fire blasts of sonic energy, and her telekinetic powers are stronger.

Her boyfriend Satoshi, who is not yet a citizen of CAPOW but will probably become one in the near future....Akiko is highly devoted to Satoshi, however, so even though he's absent at the moment, he's a massive obstacle to any prospective suitors.

Akiko's family is quite well-off, if not exactly rich. Since Akiko's only 17 she can rely on her family's funds if necessary.

If you so much as SUGGEST it you're gonna be on the business end of a sonic blast.




Well, she's only a teenager, for one thing. Second, she's so madly in love with Satoshi that any passes at her may well result in severe injury to the person making the pass. Third, with her personality, maybe chasing after her for her looks isn't worth it, ne? ^_^ So all in all, not worth the time/effort/hospital bills/funeral arrangements.

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Submitted by: Voidstar