Name: Alzena Pygmalion

A red-head except for a large blond streak, and bright green eyes that draw you in if you look too long. Has the most beautiful body on either side of CAPOW.

Well above average. Alzena isn't called "Lady Lupin" for nothing, you know.

On duty--"I know you want me, but you can't have me." Off duty--"Can't we all just get along?"

It's not gourmet, but still pretty good.

Fighting Skills:
Alzena's better at avoiding conflict.

If you can get past her philophobia, she can be downright kinky after the first few nights of awkward experimentation. (Despite her 'sexiness', she's actually a virgin. No, really.)

Special Abilities:
She can attract you to her like a moth to a flame, with similar results. She's an equal opportunity seductress: she'll target you regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. Additionally, she is a highly skilled thief; no loot is too hard to get (or so she says :).

Technically none, but try telling that to the people who would kill you if you became her serious romantic interest. Additionally, a fellow named Yugo recently declared himself the sole property of Alzena (or was that the other way around? :), although she doesn't agree to this at all.

Parents, currently in jail for the next few years. Any other family are probably in jail, too, given that the 'trade' is an inherited one.

Pretty good. While Alzena mostly steals for the thrill of it, she can also support herself (and a family) with her skills.



Good luck. First of all, Alzena has a serious fear of emotional commitment; second of all, she may see you as a hindrance to her 'work'. If you can get past those, however, you'll be guarenteed an exciting life, if you don't mind constantly running from the law.

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Submitted by: Dot Warner