Name: Anne Packrat

4'8" with short blond hair and a medium build. She reaches 5'9" when full grown. Cursed form - 4' tall orangutan with orange hair.

She's very intelligent and seems even more so now that she's eleven.

Well she's not quite Akane-level, but darn close! Expect to do the cooking, and expect to deal with making various other dishes for her animals.

Fighting Skills:
Can summon mallet from HammerSpace, otherwise has novice staff fighting ability. Usually protected by shikigamis.

Special Abilities:
Ability to summon and direct her shikigamis. Shikigamis are independent animal spirits that Anne "summoned" out of air/ether. Her current shikigamis are Mekira - strong tiger, Shotoro - loyal bulldog, Ryo-chan - carrotloving cabbit, Indara - spirit-fighting horse, and Wakwak, theme music playing Chocobo. Also had limited empathy.

Shinji Ikari. Anne has a special bond with this lonely Eva pilot. Joseph Malic. While not by her choice, everyone including her mother Washu seems to push her into having a relationship with this boy.

When older will make a modest living as manager of Washu-chan's Used Bookstore and SubSpace Laboratory. Could also make good money as a spiritualist.

I'd wait til she's older. Will be shy somewhat, tho comes on strong at first. Will make sure no cold water is anywhere near area.




If you're willing to put up with her unusual talents and can take her mind off Shinji you and take everyone elses mind off of Joseph you have a good catch. Wait til she's grown first. Anne's especially good if you like animals.

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Submitted by: Anne Packrat