Name: Jay Arisugawa

5'5", avarage built, not your TV star but good looking. Brown hair with a short ponytail and light brown eyes.

Good student. Somewhat dense at times.

Humble. Unlike his training partner, he's always polite to almost everyone he meets / knows. Also, he's always trying to look at the good side of things. An optimist. :P

The Dojo does not only teach martial arts, but eastern cooking also. Even is Jay _isnt_ the best student in cooking class, most of the time he's able to cook pretty tasty stuff.

Fighting Skills:
Kendo (Advanced.) Learning Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu.

Special Abilities:
Awesome Speed.

Yugo, his training buddy. (ed. note: I think Jay misunderstood the meaning of this category)

Known: His father.

Being the son of the head of Arisugawa Industries, he gets what he needs. He likes to work in part-time jobs, wanting to show his father ha can survive alone.

He may not be as hentai as Yugo, but hey! He's a guy after all!



Jay doesn't wish to get too attached to other people, and rathers keep a distance atleast until he knows the other very well. He'd make a loyal partner though.

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Submitted by: Jay Arisugawa