Name: Belinda Whittman

Strawberry blonde hair tied back in a ponytail with Aeris-like bangs (but maybe not as long).  She stands 5'8" tall and has a very fit, lean body. In terms of beauty, she's an attractive girl.  She doesn't like wearing a lot of makeup, though.  She has blue eyes without her contacts and green with.

Very self-centered, self-serving, insensitive, manipulative, almost cruel in a cool way, and has an ego the size of several large planets.

High in every category; she IS the #1 ranked student at a very competitive university, after all.  She's also very good at thinking "out of the box", and tries to approach a problem from all angles.

Anything that isn't more complicated than boiling water.  Can also operate microwaves and rice cookers.

Fighting Skills:

Special Abilities:
Highly manipulative.

None yet, but if Elyssa ever gets a boyfriend, Belinda will be after the same guy with a passion.

Decent.  Depending on what serves her better, Belinda may opt to stay at her, be the sole bread-winner, or have both of you work.  It's a bit too early to tell.

Parents, whose approval you'd do good to win.

Probably not until after marriage.




Not worth the risk of getting yourself run through the cleaners.  A real, mutual relationship with Belinda is highly unlikely--she'd be more interested in using you.

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Submitted by: Dot Warner