Name: Dachend Yayin

Dachend has a muscular, but not bulky body. Top-tuned. His facial details are sharp and clean, giving him a handsome, but stern look. His usual sly smile and black eyes, scare some and enchant others. He has a very here-I-come-so-you-better-duck-if-you -like-your-face attitude. Some find his cool rascal attitude charming, but most of the time he's aggresive for anyone to notice.

Dachend is no professor, but he's a quick thinker and has a good couple of years life experience to pull on. Being in tight sitiuations sharpens his wits.

Dachend is ruthless, cool, generaly does as he pleases and is prepared to take on anyone that says otherwise. He says things as they are and does things as he means they should be done. He's not very social and it takes time to win his loyalty and respect and what wins it is offen hard to tell. But if you got the guy on your side, he'll back you up, care for you and look out for you, to the bitter end.

Can do some simple field cooking, but his selfmade food philosophy is Kill it, cook it, eat it.

Fighting Skills:
THEE close combat fighter. Can use just about any blade weapon, but excels in two swords and wristblades. Also employs magic wards and beast magic as a deadly combination.

Special Abilities:
Well first of, he's immortal. Second he can do beastmagic, summon special creatures from the shadow planes.

Considering that Dachend rarely lets anyone close enough to himself to even become friends. It shouldn't be hard if you could get his attention without getting hurt. If it wasn't for a certain mechanic elf, that he has been looking towards as little more than a friend lately..

Has been a demon hunter, bounty hunter, mercenary for over four centuries. Tough calls for big pay check.

Dachend has some experience in sexual relationships with women. He's no sex fiend, but he does know what to do to make a woman feel good. 



Marriage to Dachend would be pretty hard as he doesn't believe in binding himself in such ways to people. But if you could make him really love you and somewhat tame his wild personality, then a marriage with Dachend could be pleasant, if not exciting.

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Submitted by:Keon Christensen