Name: Falora

4'9", with cheek-length blone hair, hazel eyes, and a slim figure. Her facial markings are thus: two green cheek wedges (which are more like triangular rings) and two small green rings on her forehead between her eyebrows. She wears two small loop earrings, and has a third silverish stud on her left ear.

Cheerful, outgoing, energetic, optimistic, determined, a tad on the naive side, and occasionally careless.

Probably above average, but sometimes lacks in common sense.

Could boil water. Maybe.

Fighting Skills:
Practically non-existent, although you would be in for a world of pain if she does manage to hit you with that Frying Pan of hers.

Special Abilities:
Teleportation through shadows, bug detection (and occasional elimination), and can metabolize scary amounts of chocolate chip cookies.

Has a crush on a fellow deity, but it isn't clear whether he returns those feelings.

As a Goddess, Falora doesn't spend much money, but she does have a credit card for emergency expenditures. Expect financial help to come from unusual places should you find yourself in need of money.

Kami-sama, who she may or may not be actually related to. She also considers Skuld, Urd, Belldandy, Keiichi, and Megumi part of her family, and they would definitely make sure you were the right person for her.

Not until she's older. Falora is terribly shy about physical contact; in fact, she may not even allow you to hold hands with her unless she's certain that you are ready for a long-term commitment.




Make friends with her for now and she'll probably look at you with new eyes when she gets older. Of course, you should also make sure that Kami-sama considers you a worthy match.

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Submitted by: Dot Warner