Name: Jana the Silent

Her extremely long, flowing brown hair has two dark green streaks; her eyes are the same rich brown as her hair. The overall effect is beauty, though a subtle beauty, and the intense, shuttered expressions usually on her face mar the effect.

Jana has demonstrated the ability to quickly and accurately analyze situations, can think on her feet, and has adapted well to suddenly finding herself stuck in the complexities of modern life. Going by those indicators, she's probably very smart indeed.

Jana is a passable cook, but much of her repertoire is camp food. If you have gourmet tastes, you will want to do the cooking.

Fighting Skills:
She is adept though not brilliant with the sword; her preferred weapon is the katana though she can use western-style blades also. Occasionally adopts a two-handed fighting style, adding a dagger to her sword. Due to her background, Jana is more at home with melee fighting than duels.

Special Abilities:
All five of Jana's senses are far sharper than those of a normal human.

Only her strong sense of loyalty to her liege lord Larod (not a CAPOW character). You don't have to overcome any other bids for her romantic attention, but Jana is the sort of person who will have difficulty juggling duty and love. Expect to be fighting for a full share of her attention unless you can somehow get her to believe her debts and obligations to Larod and her home are paid. On the other hand, if you can ever gain her affections, you will never have to worry about losing them.

Jana makes enough money to support herself in a bare-bones life-style. While it is true that Jana thinks of this job as temporary, and would look for a better one if she thought she would be in CAPOW for any length of time, she is not overly interested in the material lifestyle. Expect yours to be a two-income family.

Jana is as unfamiliar with physical intimacy as she is with emotional. Expect her to be slow and uncertain until she gets used to the idea. Once she does, however, you will probably have found a passionate, though intensely private, lover.



Provided you want to take the time to get underneath her emotional armor and can get her to commit, Jana could be a very good match. She would be intensely devoted, though she would demand the same kind of devotion from you. If you prefer a very comfortable living style, you will probably have to make most of the provisions for it. It comes down to a matter of taste.

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Submitted by:Jessie