Name: Jay "Diesel" Ya

5'7", thin and wiry build. Has brown hair and dark brown hair. Has a large scar that nearly bisects him on his abdomen.

Average. He's no rocket scientist, but he's smart enough to stay alive.

Nuke! Nuke! Nuke! Microwaves are humanity's greatest boon since the invention to fire (at least to Jay). Do not eat his cooking. It tends to give people things like bleeding ulcers...

Fighting Skills:
Moderate martial arts, and firearms expertise.

Special Abilities:
Extremely accurate with his pistol and rifle, and only so-so with other weapons (his rifle and pistol were adjusted to his own specs).

None. He's free for the taking, baby!

Paid disabilty by the military, since his discharge was caused by an accident at "work". Also works part-time as a security guard at CAPOW International Airport (This can be taken out if anyone disaproves). This guy isn't rolling around in dough...

Although he was a soldier, he's not the type to have "a lady in every port".



An average catch. He's a steady individual. Most people may want the millionaire or the rock star, or the fighter pilot, but in the end, for a nice comfy relationship, they always go back to this sort of guy.

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Submitted by:James Chu