Name: Jinx

5'6", cute, athetlic; she's got a tomboyish look but has enough feminity to keep her from being like Akane. Her black, wavy hair is usually pulled up into a ponytail, but she wears it differently when she feels like she needs a change. :p Her green eyes shift color with change in mood, and at times they may change a little too much. Jinx has an updated look in clothing, but mostly towards anything versatile and mesh, including sneakers with almost anything. She's ready for anything. ^.~

Although Jinx may seem like a total airhead at times, she's actually a lot smarter, it's just that she's really lazy. ^_^;

Be prepared with a fire extinguisher and lots of money for damage. Jinx is clueless around the kitchen (due to her sheltered life as a child) and no one has dared try her cooking. Yet.

Fighting Skills:
Being a tomboy, she learned to fight when she was young and used to get into fights when she was in school (for that short period of time). She also had to protect herself from freaks while she travelled, so her skills are a little above average. With her temper, though, she could knock buildings down ^_^;

Special Abilities:
None, besides what the ring she wears gives her. (Which, for right now, is uhh.... not available meaning: I don't know ^.^;;;))

Joseph Sutedja, her parents. Joseph's her older brother (and the story should be coming along of how they found each other *HINTHINT*) but not by blood. Jinx was an only child. Her parents are long dead.

Susano Orbatos, Ahlen Souichi, Silber, Andrew Montgomery, and every other cute guy she's laid eyes on. ^_^; Although Jinx likes to "keep her options open", with meeting Susano, she might just have changed her mind. Besides just the looks, she's drawn to him almost in ways she can't comprehend. Ahlen isn't around anymore, but he comes close in second to Susano. Why she's attracted to him so much, she'd say, "He's just cute in every single way!" But he doesn't seem very interested in her either way. Silber is Jinx's ompanion, her wolf. Silber has been known to drive away Jinx's previous would-be boyfriends. She treats Jinx like her own cub and doesn't want anyone taking her away. Andrew is her fiance ^_^;; (will be revealed later) and her childhood best friend. With all the other guys in CAPOW, she'd probably be too busy checking them out to listen to you, unless you had a pretty good behind yourself. But for right now, worry mainly about Susano, Silber and Andrew. You'd probably have to have whatever Susano has that attracts her (don't ask ME what) and somehow convince Silber that _everything_ with Jinx will be okay. ^_^;;

Jinx, like I said, led a shelter life as a child, and her parents were loaded. Now that they're dead, Jinx has been living off their savings and her trust fund. She's pretty much covered for a long while and by then she might have already gotten a job.

She'd probably be really calm and take in things as they come. (Err. ^.^;;; Not like that!) At first she might be a little passive, though, but after a while, she'll take charge.




You'll have some getting used to since Jinx does some things a little differently, but you'll never be bored with her around. Just don't mes with her wolf. :p

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Submitted by:Jinx