Name: Joseph/Jo-chan Sutedja

A young, cute black-haired eleven-year-old boy with gray-brown eyes under hot water, and a young, cute red-haired eleven-year-old girl with sky blue eyes under cold water, both standing about four-foot-eight and possessing an ectomorphic figure. However, the upshot of this is the perception of more of a childlike "little kid" variety of cute, as opposed to a "sexually attractive" variety of cute.

A very intelligent boy, he can think on his feet if needed, laterally and perpendicularly. New ideas and solutions come to mind quickly, no matter what the situation.

Mediocre cooking on his own, but he can do well with a cookbook.

Fighting Skills:
With a quite distinct lack of strength, Joseph has very few conventional fighting skills, comprised mostly of some _very_ minor swordfighting. And taunting. And a sharp wit. However, he's highly agile and quick both physically and mentally. He's also very resourceful, able to fashion something useful out of anything that happens to be strewn about.

Special Abilities:
Joseph has incredible and pretty much infinite amounts of opposing good and bad luck, resulting in lots of bad things happening to him _personally_, but also lots of good things happening to him and everyone else _generally_. You'll have an exciting and adventurous life around him, at least. And it keeps him from dying prematurely, as well.
He can also see the octarine, the eight color and the color of magic, and also qualifies as a dilettante in pretty much every other ability you can think of.
Oh, yeah, and he's got a _Guide_, too. A continuously updated book filled with knowledge of the galaxy is usually a good thing to have. And he's cursed. Nyannichuan-cursed. As if you hadn't guessed.

Jinx, Joseph's younger sister. Er, older sister. Or however she is right now. But not by genetics.

Anne Packrat. Take a large amount of family and friends and others trying to push these two together. (Even though she's already _got_ a boyfriend.) Add in several months of being locked in a dimension with each other as children. Also add in unstated, definite feelings for each other, hidden under an exterior of arguments and fights and insults and mallets.
Stir lightly, and leave to simmer, adding sodium chloride.
Still and all, he wishes for someone to love, and love him back. He has a bit of romance in him, as well. Sex is only a minor part of a relationship with him.

He's owed quite a large amount of back pay from _The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_, although the likelihood of his actually getting it is roughly the same as the likelihood that you are struck by lightning while buying a winning lottery ticket _or_ Joseph gets his curse cured. Whichever comes first.

Timid. Philophobic and afraid of intimacy, it'll take patience and love before he's able to gather the courage to even consider it. He'll start off a bit playfully at first, getting more serious and romantic afterwards. But if you don't want to get arrested, waiting for a few years might be a good idea. (Heck, as a child, he's still at the boy-girl division point right now. He hasn't even gone through sex education yet, much less the finer points of it.)




Well, if you don't mind _waiting for him to grow up_ , you'll find a devoted and romantic lover. A fairly good choice, all in all. On the other hand, the task of resolving the ties linking him to Anne may be a bit daunting...

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Submitted by: Joseph Sutedja