Name: Jude

Not exactly pretty or beautiful in the classical sense but she has striking features. Large hazel eyes, sharp high cheekbones, and rather determined features make her face difficult to forget. She stands 5'9'' and weighs roughly 145 pound of muscle. She has a slender but not delicate build with definite muscle tone. Her hair is cut in a short cap of auburn curls that are continually falling into her eyes.

Feisty in a laconic sort of way. Capable of casual cruelty, but only if you were daft enough to hurt someone she cares about. Normally relatively taciturn and calm, but you know what they say about still waters ^_~ These are waters you don't want to rile. She does like to tease/give shit to the people she likes. (which is, one day, going to get her face rearrange by Dachend)

Jude used to be a street rat and has all the smarts that come from keeping herself alive in less than hospitable environments. Never formally educated, but has sucked up quite a bit from the wired to make up for it. Since she's self-educated she's always 'thinking out of the box' since there was never a box to begin with for her.

Hit the jackpot with her. Jude's a kick ass cook and can cook for 24 people without breaking a sweat and always knows which wine goes with a meal. Don't ask me how a street brat knows these things. ^^;;;

Fighting Skills:
She can kick -your- ass. (unless you happen to be Dachend or Ryan.) Efficient with the J9 Seburo and the handgun sized submachine gun she likes to tote around. Fair shot with the rifle she's *ahem* borrowed from Yu Ominae. Better than average hand to hand skills, but untrained.

Special Abilities:
A unique method of jacking into the wired.

Um..nothing legal. I can tell you that.

Well, one Seraphim and one angst-ridden green-haired hacker. But she's rather conflicted about both of them and with a little work you could distract her from them. Lots of work to make her forget about them.

*authoress sweatdrops* She's set. Just don't ask where the money comes from.

The remaining Neon Dragons. Don't mess with them. Upset them and -Jude- will hurt you.

Female ^_~




If you're willing to put up with all the stress that's going to come from working through her emotional baggage and attachment to the aforementioned Angel and hacker she'd be one very loving, passionate, but mildly possessive lover. Become a friend first then think about it.

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Submitted by: Danielle Delaney