Name: Kai

Angelic ^_~ Okay, okay. Kai's beautiful in the classical sense. Long flowing black hair, wide stormy gray eyes, and delicate features. Willowy build with long legs and slender arms. Oh, yeah, white feathery wings with a 25ft span at full extension.

Sweet, innocent, loving, etc., and basically all those qualities you'd expect an angel to have. Mischievous and argumentative, your life would never be boring. Kai is a very sensitive being (no duh!) and very empathic.

Ah, you don't want her to do that if you want your kitchen to remain intact.

Special Abilities:
Angelic Aura et al.

Angel of Death-in-training

Fighting Skills:
If you're evil or trying to hurt someone she cares about it expect to be on the business end of an incantation. Needs Amadeus for fighting and time to finish the incantation or ritual, but can pack a fair punch with them. Level of her ability completely depends on how good she's been lately. But if Kami-sama lets her have that Sword, watch it!

None. Well, maybe Jude, but Kai has no idea what's going on really.

She's an Angel, finances don't mean much to her.

Kami-sama, good luck on that one.

um..I have this feeling that's telling me that's sacrilegious or something..




She'd be an awesome spouse, if you could get past Kami-sama (and Jude).

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Submitted by: Danielle Delaney