Name: Kattarina Delshard

5'3 - 5'4 - Long crimson red hair that is often tied up into a pony tail or a french braid, tends to wear half shirts and cutoffs, walking around barefoot. Often has smudges of oil or grease on her face. Kind of cute, but mostly plain. Did I mention she's an Elf?

Katt's a genius mechanic, everything else sort of slides right by her. She can be observant and thoughtful if she truly puts for the effort, but she'd much rather fix things and let other people come up with the plans.

Passable.. If you're a goat.

Fighting Skills:
Various mechanical weaponry (That work about as well as Orc weapons from Warhammer ..), is fairly proficient with a sword (intermediate level -- no where near as good as a master - but can hold her own till the cavalry shows up) tends to stick with her stun gun (works 78% of the time - the other 12% it has a humourous mess up.)

Special Abilities:
Nature powers (talk with trees / animals), being able to carry around a mech wrench that weighs as much as her with no problems, can summon gold, her sword and her armour.

Perhaps a certain immortal..

Katt's garage does fairly well, also being able to summon gold does mean that finances are rarely a problem.

Uh, again, perhaps if one were a certain immortal..




Good luck! .. Katt's pretty enamoured with a certain .. yes, immortal. She's not about to start looking at anyone else .. but you never know!

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Submitted by: Lorna Appleby