Name: Kimiko Souichi

Stands 5'7", slim, and very fit. Has long reddish-brown hair parted to one side. She exercises regularly so you know she'll have her looks and figure for many years to come.

As a field-operative for Chobetsu (Japanese Secret Service) she is extremely resourceful, quick-witted and sharp. She has basic knowledge in bomb-defusal and computer hacking, skills that require a lot of brains. And you know that she wouldn't be Chobetsu's top agent if she wasn't smart. She'll be hoping for a man to match wits with.

As she spent a lot of her teenage life in the United States, she has sample a wide variety of cooking. So if Japanese food isn't to your liking, she can deal with that. In terms of cooking in general, she's an average cook and gets by with what she can make. Meals aren't a big deal with her.

Fighting Skills:
Kimiko's top-notch in martial arts. In school she was heavily into tournament competition and placed first many times in international bouts. Currently she is one of the top-ranking female martial artists. As a Chobetsu agent and formerly CIA, she has standard and advanced training with guns as well.

Special Abilities:
Nothing strange like magical powers or anything like that. She's resilient and hardy. When her objectives are clear, she will stop at nothing to accomplish them.

Kimiko had a relationship with her partner before he was killed on a mission. This weighs heavily on her mind and is a social-block preventing her from going out and seeing new people. Underneath it all, she is almost lonely and longing for someone to share her feelings with. If you can break through her barrier, then she would almost certainly be yours.

As former CIA and top-agent for Chobetsu, she's being paid extensively. Despite so, she lives a simple life in a small apartment. All her cash is being put into a savings account. She herself has no idea what she'll do with it, but it's nice to know it's there. As a government worker, she draws a lot of benefits and should she ever quit, she'll draw a nice pension. Suffice to say Kimiko will probably be the major breadwinner of the house.

If you can break through her barrier (and if sex is an issue at this point then you must have) you can expect satisfaction. She isn't a sex-crazed, wild, kinky person but she knows how to please a man. And from how it looks, she can be very passionate. (Needy people usually are)




Kimiko is a serious committment. She's not a one-night fling that you can dump the next morning. It'll take a lot of work to break through the defense she's set up for herself. And working as a field-agent is a dangerous job. Can you be her support and are you willing to accept the risks she's accepted? Needless to say, if you can start something with her, it will not be dull.

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Submitted by: Dare Cheung