Name:Sesshino Kokutan
Medium build, mostly in the shoulders, a small waist that accents her curves, and height of 5'6". Her hair is long and coppery, as is her tail, and her eyes are a bright gold with black cat's pupils. 

A bit standoffish to less powerful males, unless they're kids or established friends. Kokutan would most likely see any "lesser" males trying to get her attention as children. Bishonen beware, Kokutan might just ignore you and your pretty looks all together in favor of the stronger less attractive male.

Kokutan is above average intelligence, but also has 200 or so years of experiences to back her up.

Simple, down to earth, makes you feel so good you have to roll away from the dinner table type cooking. Kokutan likes to cook and it shows. 

Fighting Skills:
Prefering nowadays to try and stay out of a fray, Kokutan used to be a fighter/thief in the demonworld. She can hold her own in a one on one fight and a small group of maybe 5 humans, but would need help in a larger group situation.

Special Abilities:
Cooking, speed and weak ki attacks. She's nothing too special in the demon power levels. 

Nothing mentioned

One large winged demon named Raven. It's not really going anywhere right now, due to the extremely stubborn/confused contestants, so you might stand a chance, if you try really hard. Generally tho, Kokutan follows her instincts and looks for males that will be able to provide protection in the off chance there might be "kits" in the future. 

Well off. Kokutan's got a few things worth a lot to some collectors out there, thanks to her long life. She's also got bank accounts, going back into the 1800s.

Only her father is involved in her life, and he's shacked up in the demon world. He only comes around when he senses severe emotional distress in Kokutan. However he is a powerful demon and might not take his daughter's unhappiness too well if you've managed to hurt her. 

Can we say animal instinct? She's part fox, all demon...what did you expect the Virgin Mary? So at least prepare for a set of fang imprints on your shoulder and a series of claw marks the next day.


Well...unless you've got some powers to prove yourself, you might not stand a chance. Kokutan will end up thinking of you as a child and treating you as such. That and the above mentioned large winged demon might not take you as lightly as Kokutan would.

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Submitted by: Carrie Tobin