Name: Kubo Grey

Tallish, broad-shouldered, but lean rather than blatantly muscular (Pyschokick notes that Kubo is built rather like the EVA-01 mecha: long and lean) Dark green, spiky, unkempt hair, tanned skin, and dark green eyes-so dark they're almost black. Could be handsome if you got him to stop scowling at you. Three nasty-looking slash wounds that never heal mar his abs. Dresses in black most of the time; he generally wears a uniform with the jacket undone, the neck open, tie missing, pants faded to soft black/near gray, and has the sleeves rolled up.

Hello can we say angst city? Laconic, generally unfazeable, cynical, but incredibly calm in the face of most provocation. Anti-authoritarian, but admires strong self-control, restraint, and a personal code. Capable of bitching like there is no tomorrow.

Extremely intelligent, far more so than most people realize. Capable of detailed analytic thought even in the most stressful situations-handy given his chosen profession.

Can do it. Nothing special, just efficient and edible, don't ask for much beyond that.

Fighting Skills:
Series of chi attacks. Can control his own blood, inside and outside his body. Decent knowledge of melee weapons but doesn't carry any on him. Practices a currently unknown martial art style.

Special Abilities:
Blood control, and also has a unique method of jacking into the wired.

Hacker for hire

Who knows, he ain't saying. Seems to be hanging around Jude an awful lot though.

Pretty good. He's not above padding them occasionally.

They aren't on speaking terms to put it lightly.

No go, sorry. He has been infected with chemfets specifically designed for his body and in another body they would most likely be fatal. However, if you could control, or meld with the chemfets, or in some way counter act them, then maybe.




Hmm. You might want to let this one go. Anti-social, angsty, infected with a potentially fatal back of chemfets, and generally one cold bastard, even if he is something of a hottie. If you really want to stick it out, deal with all his angst, get through his anti-social tendencies, and find some way around the chemfet issue, then he'd be a stable, dedicated, and caring partner.

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Submitted by: Danielle Delaney