Name: Mizu

About 5'8" Medium build, very toned body. Has crinkly black hair to his ears and dark brown eyes.

Very intellegent, but doesn't show much.. Very good at reading emotions (looks on faces, body language, etc...)

Stays quiet most of the time, but will speak up and crack jokes if he is comfortable. His sense of humor is odd.. he can find a joke in almost anything.

Can follow the instructions on the back of a box and make it turn out ok, but if you can do better, you should.

Fighting Skills:
Extremely fast. Put together his "Aqua" style of martial arts (mostly redirection), and is very good with throwing items.

Special Abilities:
Can tell how you're feeling just by looking at you. Also has limited Empathy.

No one.. ever since the person he was closest to died.

None at the moment. What the future holds is another story...

Invests and does a good job of it. He lives comfortable.

Good. Empathy can do alot for a person.. :P



If you're looking for someone who will almost live just for you, and make sure you're happy, this is him. You may have to put up with some of his "business trips" however, but all that aside, a very good person.

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Submitted by: Alex