Name: Namida Samui

5'6", medium build, mildly attractive figure. Has Audrey Hepburn-styled green hair and almond-shaped light-gray pupiless eyes.

Unknown, but Samui does occasionally show amazingly deep levels of intelligence.

Quiet, reserved, and analytical, but at the same time has a quirky sense of humor. Has a tendency to make understatements and spout the coolest lines (at least when I'm writing her :).

Samui can cook simple but decent food, although you'll want to eat out every once in a while: she adds very little seasoning to her food.

Fighting Skills:
Anything Goes Martial Arts, Novice.

Special Abilities:
Very, very, very good aim.

Possibly Talon Gauss, her partner, but so far neither one seems to be interested in advancing their friendship.

Unknown, but she considers Bulma, Shelly, and possibly Washuu her surrogate family, and you'd probably have to answer to them if you want to pursue a relationship.

More than adequate. Not only is Samui drawing a comfortable salary from STRA (plus lots of perks), she was paid hansomely for the short time that she was Jonathan Roswind's bodyguard. After marriage, though, she'd probably have you do the breadwinning.

Not until after you're married to her.



If you can get through the icy exterior Samui puts forth, you'll get someone that would care for you to the point of death. This is, however, very difficult, as Samui usually purposely distances herself from everyone. If you happen to be a certain ex-Shinra operative, however...^_~

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Submitted by: Dot Warner