Name: Rekishi

Ruggedly handsome with a slender, toned build. Most girls find him physically attractive, but his quiet demeanor is more appealing to females who are also quiet and very thoughtful themselves.

No matter what he's doing, Rekishi is always thinking. While he's not very technologically literate, this has mostly to do with his lack of experience. He is very wise for his age.

Not very ougoing, Rekishi will speak very little in social situations, unless absolutely necessary. He keeps his thoughts mostly to himself, but he will share them with the people he trusts.

Simple things mostly. Can follow a recipe though. ^_^;

Fighting Skills:
A deadly mixture of magic and martial arts, aided in both by his Dragon Head staff.

Special Abilities:
Several special magical attacks and defenses.

None. In-laws, Rekishi has no knowledge of any of his family.

Works as a waiter at The Bright Side of Insomnia, a prominent CAPOW poetry house and cafe.

Well, he's a virgin, and not really anxious for that to change. His general approach to it is that it is an act of love between a man and a woman, and he believes that, when the time comes, he will be a very considerate lover.




Marraige to Rekishi would be very fullfilling, as he is a very devoted and caring person. If you don't mind having many deep conversations and many poems of adoration directed towards you for the rest of your life, then things will probably be okay.

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Submitted by:Weapon X