Name: Jonathan Edward Roswind V

6'2", stout build, strong chin. Has salt-and-pepper hair, and many wrinkles that hide a once hansome face. Not too bad-looking for a man in his fifties.

Being a King, Jonathan is a decent stratigist and politition, a good leader, and a source of inspiration.

Regal, protective, kind...sort of a "knight in shining armor" type guy, complete with medieval-style English.

Does instant noodles and TV dinners count?

Fighting Skills:
Low. (Jonathan can fight if it is absolutely necessary, but he had no training in hand-to-hand combat.)

Special Abilities:
Able to give rousing speeches (ie the "Kenshin Factor" :)

Wife, with whom Jonathan is very much in love. Unless he becomes widowed, Jonathan will remain faithful to his wife.

Two sons and a daughter, currently missing, so they can't say anything.

He's a king, albeit an exiled one. Once he returns to power, though, he has the capabilities of taking care of you quite nicely.

I don't think so. Jonathan is very, very married. (See a pattern here? :) If that's not a problem, though, he can be quite passionate and playful--he's got twenty-something years of experience ;)



Not worth the effort, as tempting as he might be. And his "thees" and "thous" get downright annoying.

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Submitted by: Dot Warner