Name:Shimaru Shinsei
Looks: Ahh... the less said the better. Shimaru hasn't got any hair at all right now, and that includes his eyebrows and eyelashes. He's not a pretty sight by a long shot.

However, there are some pictures of him from BEFORE he had cancer lying around, and you can ask the few females who've seen them to pass an opinion. 

Personality: Gruff. Grizzled. Grouchy. Shimaru is far from the most charming of people, and what makes it kinda sad is that he's that way by choice. What little nounce he had with the fairer sex is shot to hell due to his appearance, and he KNOWS it.

Smarts: Bingo. Shimaru's smart. Very smart. Certainly smarter than all of his students (with two possible exceptions), and easily a lot smarter than some of the more impetuous anime characters that inhabit CAPOW. 

Cooking:Adventurous need only apply. Shimaru has learned to cook in places that most people don't know EXIST, and he seems to regard eating as more of a task than something to be enjoyed. Technically, he's a masterful chef, but practically, he's not really anything of note, as he conserves his effort to producing simple meals with whatever is on hand. If this includes vermin or house pests, so be it.

Fighting Skills: We're dealing with a dude who has poleaxed grizzly bears. Not to mention having gone toe-to-toe with armed opponents and come out on top in the past. For what it's worth, Shimaru is a combatant to be reckoned with, even if he is only an unskilled brawler, the ilk of which seldom survive extended combat with martial artists. 

Special Abilities:You can't keep a good man down, and you can't keep Shimaru down either. No matter how hard you kill him, he'll get back up from it by midnight.

Occupation: English teacher, Grade Six, Class Three, CAPOW upper primary, Mythologies teacher, Grade Nine, Class Two, CAPOW Middle, Ancient Histories teacher, Grade Ten, Class Nine, CAPOW Middle, Advanced Languages lecturer, CAPOW College, Foreign Affairs lecturer, CAPOW College. Private tutor for anyone who asks.

Competition: ... are you stupid?

Finances: Up to the point of marriage, nothing more than his (multiple) salaries can afford him. However, when he gets married, he will have full access to his family's fortune.

In-Laws: The biggest reason Shimaru wouldn't want to get married even if he didn't object on other basises; his family. His mother and father are effectively AWOL, his two brothers are complete assholes, and his sister is the only person who even remotely qualifies as 'nice'.

Sex: ... don't go there. ^^;;;



Very few people in the world would have patience with a man like Shimaru in any body. As it is, Shimaru is miserable and alone. And he knows it, and he's trying to convince himself and the world that he doesn't care. This is a relationship that is definitely not worth the effort you'd have to put in, at least at its current stage.

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Submitted by: Rick Hall