Name: Shiori

Shiori can best be described, as pretty, if she lets herself go. Her facial features, eyes, and hair all suggest a rather noble and superior air. Whether you care for that sort of thing depends on your preferences. She looks like that high-school prom queen who you wouldn't dare to ask out.

Shiori has a one-track mind, very aggressive, snobby, and pugnacious. Her mental skills are higher than what you would think, but she is no rocket scientist. If you need raiding plans, she's your girl. Just expect to give her all the booty.

@@^$& That's putting it mildly. She will cut you down if she does not like you, and doesn't care too much for social graces. If you are her friend, she will protect you, even overportect you. She is to most people extremely uppity, and very stubborn and aggressive. This will get her (and you) into trouble.

Surprisingly, she can cook rather decently, though she is sort of low on practice. She can follow a recipe.

Fighting Skills:
Extremely skilled fencer/swrodsperson, putting most of her life into the blade. She prides herself heavily on her prowess.

Special Abilities:
None. She does have her Sword of Miracles though, which can generate random powers, but mostly generating on ESP, perception, and the ability to penetrate armor with her sword.

Shiori is bi, if that gives you problems, then tough luck. Your main competitors is Ahlen (in female form), and Julia. Ahlen is gone, so don't worry about him. Otherwise, who else could survive fifteen minutes with Shiori?

She's a pirate. Expense high, pay higher. She would live like a king for the rest of her life, but she doesn't wish to. Sex:
Shiori will insist on being on the top. She is very forceful and aggressive. Do not expect to try and dominate her at all. If you can however, she will be more submissive, but expect a struggle.



Marriage to Shiori would be possibly one of the worst fates for a man. You would be whipped. It would be an exciting life, but why bother? There are women out there who wouldn't try to kill you or make you a slave.

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Submitted by:Jeff Jarlett