Name: Tenris

Close to 6'7, dark orange hair that reaches down past his waist that has black streaks in it, a strong muscular build, a friendly demeaner and a pleasent smile. His eyes are a golden hue that seem to notice everything that goes on around him.

Understands Katt. Fairly intelligent. Fairly quick witted. More charming that genius.

Excellent cooking abilities.

Fighting Skills:
Just about master swordsman. Looks at guns funny, has a general idea if you point the 'bad' end at someone and pull the 'trigger' it'll hurt them. He may or may not think to flip off the safety..

Special Abilities:
He's a were-tiger, due to a small incident involving four voluptous were-tigresses.

None. Although when Tenris meets Susano, he may try and give Jinxie a run for her money!

As Katt's assistant (and chief care-taker at the worst of times), Tenris doesn't have any troubles getting ahold of finances when he needs them, but as his needs are fairly simple he would have no problems supporting someone on his pay cheque.

As a Were-Tiger, Tenris can be quite .. primal. For the right guy, I'm sure Tenris would definetely show the gent a wild, er, good time.




Charming, house trained, powerful, primal and Singal.. What more could a guy want?

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Submitted by: Lorna Appleby