Ahlen Souichi

Creator: Dare

A swordsman from another world where history is somewhat reversed. He's a good-looking young man, not overly handsome. A scar runs across his left cheek. Ahlen is an excellent swordsman, and has only been beat by Dachend. Ahlen is the owner of the magical sword, Mizuno Heiwa, which means 'Harmony of Water'. The blade is exceptionally sharp. Ahlen once discovered a spirit living inside the sword that helped him only when he was close to death in combat. Ahlen is Lyta's boyfriend and very much in love with her. The two share a bond similar to telepathy. They usually know what the other is thinking with just mere facial gestures. Ahlen isn't very active these days, having settled down with Lyta at the shrine. He finds himself mostly upkeeping the place.