[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Junsui Hayashi
[STATUS:] A guy given a second chance
[ALIASES:] Jun, Mizu
[AGE:] 19
[HAIR/EYE COLOR:] Bluish-black hair and Midnight blue eyes (navy blue in direct sunlight)

Jun has crinklely hair that hangs to his ears, with the sides cut short, and his hair lightens up a bit under bright light. He is about 5'7" and is considered "cute" in that near little-brother kind of way. For some reason, people always think that he is somewhere between 2 to 4 years younger than he actually is. Has the character for "Water" tattooed on his upper-left cheek.

Jun usually wears sweatshirts in gray, blue, black, or green. Other times he'll wear tank tops (when weather permits). He likes wearing slightly baggy blue jeans with street-type hiking boots. Sometimes wears a headband whose color varies with his mood.

He knows how to throw knives fairly well. He usually can generate small darts of ice to throw, but it takes about a second to make one.

Jun is able to manipulate water. He's rather inexperienced in using his powers, so has no idea of what he can really do though. He also can vary the temperature of it if he is touching it, but to do so, he has to concentrate intently. A blue aura surrounds him when he uses those powers and its intensity is dependent upon how hard he's concentrating and/or the strength. He also knows the Aqua-style martial arts pretty well.. He eschewed learning weapon forms in favor of concentrating on his hand-to-hand.

He has no skill with any weaponry whatsoever except knives, and is completely inept with Mecha, having a general distaste for them. Also, fire seems to hurt him worse than it does most people (He found out the hard way).

Jun is usually calm and is very observant. He likes to see people smiling and enjoying themselves. He's very friendly once you get to know him, but is a bit wary toward people he doesn't know.


{A GREETING:} Will either wave or nod, with a smile and say "Hi."

(Unprovoked:) *calmly* "Why? There are many better ways of dealing with your problems with me than this." (Provoked:) *sighs* "If you have to sink to this level..." *takes fighting stance*

{AN ATTACK:} *Dodge* "Whatever have I done to you?"

(Cute girl:) "Who, me?" *Looks around* "Wow, lucky me, ne?" *grin*
(Unattractive girl:) "Um.." *sweatdrop* "H-Hi. Something I can do for you?"
(A guy:) "What?!" *calms down* "I'm sorry, I believe you're talking to the wrong person."

Junsui is from a dimension where the government takes, marks, and trains people who develop powers. He was catalogued and taught, but barely managed to escape. He met someone in one of his dreams who wanted "A special person like him" to have a better destiny. He accepted her offer (which probably had a catch in it somewhere), and was sent to Capow. He currently has no idea that he can leave Capow, or any real reason to.

Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon) and a little of Sogetsu Kazama (Samurai Showdown IV)



Half Pixy, Half Angel given into the care of her Grandmother(who owns Ambrosia's), she is the head waitress of the restraunt/hotel. She is very mischevious at times, playing tricks on unsuspecting people (especially those that deserve it), true to her pixy heritage. Her social skills are somewhat over-exuberant and she sometimes gets annoying. She is Periwinkle haired/Blue eyed, appears seventeen-ish, and her physique fits with the common picture of female Angels.

A particulary(but not entirely) inept wizard, he arrived in Capow and was lucky enough to land a position at Ambrosia's. Black haired with brown highlights/ Brown eyed, and of average height, he cooks/waits tables. He has no real intention of leaving, since he has such a likeable co-worker.