[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Alzena Pygmalion
[CREATOR:] Joseph Sutedja and Dot Warner
[ALIASES:] Lady Lupin
[STATUS:] Interdimensional and temporal thief, and current nemesis and archenemy of the STRA's top agents

She's female, with green eyes and long, straight crimson hair that has a large blonde streak running through it from top to bottom. With a figure like a Greek statue, Alzena is (un)arguably the most beautiful woman in the multiverse. Being born on September 10, this makes Alzena a Virgo. Which just happens to be ruled by Mercury, the patron god of thieves. ;)

As a master (or, more accurately, mistress) of disguise, Alzena will wear _anything_ necessary to accomplish her task. Short of that, everything she wears is perfectly selected to accentuate her figure, though not too much of it. Sometimes less shown is more enticing.

Her body. ;)
A tranquilizer dart gun (3 darts)

Alzena is a pretty good marksman. Being a thief, she is also a Mistress of Disguise, very lithe and agile, and extremely cunning and intelligent. Because of both her physical attractiveness and her apparently flirtatious nature, she is able to make members of both sexes fall madly in, well, lust with her. As a result, Alzena is highly manipulative through her use of sexual attraction, able to quickly revert her method from innocently cute to seductively sexy. And after all, everyone's a little homosexual... One other thing. She never gets caught. Ever. Unless she wants to.

Now, as for her loot...

Surprisingly, Alzena is actually a pacifist--that is, she always seeks a non-violent solution to a problem. Off-duty, Alzena tends to have a laid-back and inviting nature (er, no, not like that :P), and acts quite friendly and amiably. Any professional grudges she has are left behind, and in fact she'd be perfectly okay with going off for some coffee with an STRA agent or two. On-duty, however, she's extremely meticulous and precise, carefully planning everything out beforehand. She's not really _evil_, per se -- more of a chaotic neutral opportunist. However, despite this, she seems to tend more towards the side of good when it doesn't directly conflict with her objectives. Ironically, Alzena is extremely philophobic (afraid of love).


{A GREETING:} [smiling seductively] "Hello."

{A CHALLENGE:} [positions herself in just the right way, with a pout] "Must we fight?"

{AN ATTACK:} [nimbly dodges out of the way] "That's not nice."

(off-duty:) [blushes deeply] "Anou... D -- do you need anything?"
(cute on-duty:) [blushes slightly, smiles brightly and giggles]
(sexy on-duty:) [blushes slightly, smiles alluringly]

A direct female-line decendent of Helen of Troy ("The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships"), Alzena's mother -- who, according to rumor, is a cousin of Arsene Lupin -- was also a highly skilled thief, while her father was a highly skilled burglar. She learned the art of Taking Things Which Are Not Yours from her parents, and 'worked' with them until she was a teenager, when she separated from them to make her own living. After an 'incident' with some law enforcement officials (Alzena refuses to discuss the details of this), Alzena discovered her unusually high level of actractiveness. She eventually became so good that she traveled to other dimensions, and became famous everywhere (especially in STRA headquarters ^^;). Alzena moved to CAPOW because it connected all other dimensions, and she thought she would get relative anonymity here. Little did she know that a certain STRA agent was also stationed there...

[Anime Influences:]
Ryouko (Tenchi Muyo)

[Non-Anime Influences:]
Lupin (Nighthood)