[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Amano Anshin
[AGE:] 17
[STATUS:] Tortured Rich Boy/ High School Graduate

Well, here's a sketch of his face. (Friend drew it, not me.  She does not want this pic posted anywhere else on a webpage.) He is about 5 and a half feet tall, lean build.  He has light brown hair and brown eyes.

He is sort of moderately fashionable, without being a fashionplate.  He will wear shorts, blue jeans, or cargo pants, along with a variety of shirts.  He does like to wear sweatshirts in the winter, and unless it's too hot, he does like wearing a leather jacket underneath a t-shirt most of the time.  For shoes he'll usually wear sneakers.  He will dress appropiately for the proper occasions.

On the Street- None.  He does know Kendo and Unarmed fighting at what would be considered a very good level for a normal human being. Put him in a fight with someone of god-like skill, he will lose easily (though he may learn something in the process), but he was a youth champion who still practices.

He CANNOT use a gun, and he has only practiced with a real sword- he's never used one before.  Also, he does not carry a sword or bokken around with himself in public.

Kendo Fighting and Martial Art ability: both very good for a normal person- those were his childhood hobbies, and he took them very seriously. He's not undefeated, but he was a winner competitively in Kendo.  His hand-to-hand style is mostly grapplying , pretty much a combination of Aikido and Jujutsu techniques.  He tends to mostly attack, using the Aikido if he can read the opponent to counter, then attack.  He does not go looking for street fights however.  He's smart enough to know he would most likely get hurt.

Influence: He knows how to get what he wants.  He is not afraid to use charm and wit to get the girl he wants.  (most of his abilities are wasting on girl-chasing, he is the sort who would win student council votes otherwise).

Wealth: Hs is Independently Wealthy, having inherited the equivalent of a $5,000,000 fortune from his dead parents.  (Amano is technically the owner of a moderate-sized computer company, though he doesn't care and lets advisors handle it)

Singing Ability: If he cared, he could sing in a band.  He does play a half-decent guitar, but usually isn't bothered or focused enough to try.

Special Powers: None.  "This isn't CLAMP, Bishounen don't get to destroy the world here!"

Well, he does have a slight ego problem, that leads itself to view most things in life as competitive.  He is not a person who is used to losing, and as such, he tends to get overconfident.

Mild Lechery: He does chase tail, so to speak.  He isn't Ataru Moroboshi- once he sets his sight on one girl, they stay locked on, until he knows he has either absolutely no chance, or he wins.  He can have a very one-track mind when it comes to girls.  He particularly has a thing for small or exotic women.

Excessive Curiousity:   Having a lot of money, and not much responsiblity, he tends to be a thrill-seaker as well.  He will try anything, even things that would embarass others.  He can be very gullible when tempted with a new experience.

He generally is well, a spoiled rich brat, but fortunately for others, he is not mean on top of that.  He is used to things going his way, and when they don't, he tends to view it as a challenge.  He also has tendencies that would get him into all sorts of trouble- fortunately, he's been able to get out of most of it.  His parents trained him in kendo early (he does come from Samurai lineage) in an attempt to discipline him.  It worked partially.  It gave him the necessarily discipline to keep from going to far, but it did not stop his desire to enjoy life as much as possible while he's still alive.  He does have a "live fast, die young" style of personality, but not to the point of suicidal tendencies.


Friend: "Oy!" or "Hiyas!" or some other general form of greetings
Unknown Guy: He looks up a bit, but probably would not say much, wondering who it was.
Unknown Girl: He looks up a lot faster, then tries to look down without looking down.  He then smiles. 

Someone he thinks he can take: "Great.  Oh well, Let's get this over with."
Someone he thinks he can't take, with a girl around: See above, but he will be sweating.
Someone he thinks he can't take, with no one around: YOu see the Saotome Desperation Technique, or the Roadrunner desperation technique...

{AN ATTACK:} Probably would immediately either counterattack or run, depending on what the attack was.

Girl who seems interesting: "Sure."  He doesn't care what it is, it's a chance to have some fun
Boring Girl:  "I'm sorry, but I already have someone."  He will make some sort of excuse to avoid them, though he will do it in a nice way.

The son of wealthy parents, Amano Anshin was destined to follow in his father's footsteps as the president of the Company.  While his grades were solid, it was known that he lacked inspiration.  He lived a relatively placid life until he was flying to America and the plane crashed out in the middle of the Pacific.  His parents died, but he was miracously saved by someone, who handed him a ring.  (he does not wear the ring, but he keeps it around).  Since then, he has become a slightly more moody person.

He dropped out of school, since he no longer saw a need for it (he's rich, and school doesn't teach you anything useful).  He mostly spends his life enjoying life as it comes, wondering why that man saved him.

Asaba- from Karekano
Kiryuu Touga- from Utena
Hayama- Kodocha
Shinomori Aoshi- Kenshin