[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Anne Packrat
[CREATOR:] Anne Packrat
[ALIASES:] Anne-chan (Cursed form), Tomboy

A 5'7" fourteen-year-old with short blond hair and grey blue eyes, Anne wears casual clothing usually, a school uniform (for school), and either a plugsuit (white green, blue) or a miko/spiritualist outfit for battle or formal situations. Has all shikigamis except Indara around her generally, though if she's going into a more formal gathering she keeps Shotoro, the bulldog, and possibly, Ryo, around her.

CF - A large orangutan with orange fur, and arms too long for her frame.

Mallet, very limited staff-fighting skills, shikigamis

Can control and manifest shikigamis. The shikigamis (animal spirits) are independent entities, however, she can not make one do something against it's wishes. The shikigamis respond to her moods and do their best to protect her. Has access to HammerSpace, generally she can only retrieve a mallet or other small object. In silly threads she can restrict other's use of HammerSpace. Has limited empathy and uncontrollable prediction ability provided by dreams. Also she has her own theme music provided by Wakwak. ^_^

Lately Anne has also been able to "connect" with certain types of AIs (Eva Lemon and Eva 00). This power is unpredictable and as was the case with Eva Lemon, Anne can become overwhelmed and lose her mind. This is very dangerous to Anne and she has learned to rightly fear using this power.

Finally, Anne has been learning magic from her teacher Jerry. So far she knows really only the essentials (mostly theory). She can cast a few very-low-powered spells (right now she knows how to create two-dimensional illusions, light, Fukerize, and Chia-sensei). She used to be able to endow people with temporary Jusenkyo curses, but this ability seems to have been lost during her recent possession.

Kind, but short-tempered tomboy. She is generally happy or thoughtful most of the time. Frequently she goes into a sort of "mood" when she seems depressed and stares out into space.

Anne has two sisters (Ami and Meiko who together along with Anne form the Legendary Three Senshi of Strauss), and one brother (Huck). They all grew up in the Empire, with Anne's mother serving the Empire. Anne's father was an alien who died while Anne was very young. Anne was raised with her family until she was six when she was found to have a type of power that the Empire needed to power a new division of its army known only as "The Agency". The Agency performed excruciating tests on Anne to determine the extent of her power, and made her create horrible creatures. The full extent of what the Agency did to Anne is not known, as she refuses to talk about it, but it is presumed to be very bad indeed. At the age of 11, Anne escaped the Agency, and was pursued for two weeks by her brother Huck and sister Ami, now known as Sailor Makendo. Just before they caught her, Anne was found and spirited away by the genius scientist Washu.

Washu raised the girl until she was recovered and then sent her off to live in a monastery/school in Colorado. Presumably, the monks had a favorable impression on her, and that is why she is something of a tomboy. After five years with the monks, Washu set Anne up as manager of her Used Bookstore and SubSpace Lab in the strange town of Capow.

Anne quickly became friends with most of the Capowers, and gained a magic teacher, Jerry, the Duke of Strauss. After Anne was in Capow for about a year, her brother Huck came to take her back to the Agency. Huck managed to capture her, Jerry, and a little girl named Mai. Many Capowers came to the rescue, only to find a strong Empire base as opposition. Anne ended up invoking her full power as a senshi in order to destroy the base. Along with the power, Anne came up against "the promise". The promise was an agreement/spell made from Anne's father to her mother that his children would use their full power only in serving the Empire. If ever they used it against the Empire's wishes they would die. With this invoked, Anne gave up her life to save her friends.

But all was not lost. Washu felt her ward's death and activated a clone she'd made of the girl years before. Anne came back as a nine-year-old with Washu in tow as her guardian. Together they lived in the bookstore. Anne aged at an accelerated rate, but for the time being has stopped at the age of fourteen/ fifteen, but she is much older mentally, but socially and spiritually she is still somewhat a child...

Anne was reconciled with her teacher, and actually was made an honorary member of the duke of Strauss, thus becoming his heir until Jerry's own children came around. Also Anne's sister Meiko came back, and she and Anne came to an understanding. Meiko lived with them for awhile but now is living with her lover Jay.

With Meiko's coming, Anne's full memories of her former life came flooding back. When this happened, what was left of "the promise" also came into being. This "force" has plagued Anne with horrible nightmares of what her future might be like. Indeed, Washu now suspects that "the promise's" influence is slowly causing Anne to turn evil the more she uses her full power. Washu has not told Anne this, and hopes not to for awhile. Currently, she and Jerry are trying to stop Anne's fall to darkness, but meanwhile, they are preventing the girl from using anything too powerful lest she hasten the process.

Recently, Capow's timeline was warped by Thickett. Anne was one of a handful of people who were trying to retrieve the scattered dragonballs so that the timeline could be set aright. Thickett managed to infect Anne with an evil malevolence, but she managed to keep her control most of the time. During this quest, Anne ended up in the Evangelion dimension, and was tested as an Eva pilot. She did exceptionally well, but the malevolence took over and caused her to attack her (somewhat) love interest Shinji Ikari, in Eva 01. With the shikigamis help, Shinji managed to free Anne, in the process the two developed a deep almost telepathic bond. Currently, they are having a relationship, though they're still at the "blushing and looking down at the floor" stage.

Anne's Shikigamis:
Mekira - green and yellow tiger, motherly, she is the oldest and most protective shikigami, has a slight rivalry with Shotoro.

Shotoro - bulldog with exceptional sense of smell. Has slight rivalry with Mekira. Likes food and being pet.

Ryo - Cabbit with better-than-human-hearing and ability to eat many times own weight in carrots.

Indara - the shyest of the shikigamis, Indara prefers to stay in the spirits' dimensional home unless she is needed. She is a unicorn essentially. Her horn is useful in dispelling spirits.

Wakwak - a runty yello Chocobo who can sense feelings and play appropriate music