[CHARACTER'S NAME:]Belinda Wittman
[STATUS:]#1 Ranked student at Tokyo International College
[AGE:]18 years old

Birthday: May 1st (Taurus)

Belinda has strawberry blonde hair tied back in a high ponytail with Aeris-like bangs (but maybe not as long). She stands 5'8" tall and has a very fit, lean body. In terms of beauty, she's an attractive girl. She doesn't like wearing a lot of makeup, though. She has blue eyes without her contacts and green with.

Belinda comes with a lot of clothing depending on the occasion (like who to impress, etc.) but her most comfortable attire is a pair of loose jeans, a t-shirt, and the latest style of sneakers. She also likes to wear those designer mini-backpacks (the ones with the long straps attached to a little bag); it sends the overall unspoken message that she's rich enough to afford such things, but not so snobbish as to flaunt everything. She wears colored contacts because she feels that blue eyes are much too boring.


In General: If you haven't guessed yet, Belinda is a very self-centered, self-serving person. Insensitive, manipulative, almost cruel in a cool way, she's the living embodiment of Machiavellian thought. Snooty with a holier-than-thou attitude, Belinda is full of confidence and always speaks her mind. How she has survived to this day can only be contributed to her deft verbal maneuvering.

Reactions to...
1. Greetings/smalltalk/etc--Depends on whether she sees you as useful or not, she'll react ranging from friendly to flirtatious to hostile. She'd only make small talk to either glean from or feed to the rumor mill.
2. Hostility/violence/trouble--She'll try everything possible to get herself out of a situation. She'll handle most difficulties with cool, calm calculation, but she'll work herself to a frenzy if it's something she's insistent about.
3. Romance--Again, reactions will vary, but she probably won't let you make physical contact. A real, mutual relationship with Belinda is highly unlikely, since she'd be more interested in using you. Of course, if she wants you, she's not going to take no for an answer. You'd have to have either saint-like qualities or the same level of smarts that she has. To paraphrase something she might say, losers need not apply.

Being the type of person that she is, Belinda hasn't made many real friends, and definitely has a lot more enemies.
--Elyssa: Belinda's number one rival. Belinda hates her intensely and blames her for every problem. Always tries to outdo or put down Elyssa in some manner. Belinda followed Elyssa to Capow and decided to work at Ambrosia's in order to raise the competition between them to an even higher level.
--PiXeL and Iahfis: It's unknown what she really thinks of her two co-workers. She's a bit more cautions around PiXeL since the pixie-angel is the granddaughter of her employer, but she treats Iahfis rather harshly. Nothing special, really.
--Alzena: Hates Alzena with a passion almost as intensely as she does Elyssa, and even more so after Alzena began working for the Retreat, where Elyssa is a waitress. Thinks that a woman with THAT sort of body is a travesty to all other females, especially the way Alzena shamelessly advertises it to everyone around her.

Daily Life: Weekdays she splits her hours between college (at Tokyo International) and work (at Ambrosia's). She spends Friday nights clubbing and the rest of the weekend is usually dedicated to studying and homework, with some mall-cruising squeezed in if she has the time. Belinda's other passion (besides being the best) is doodling, and she leaves little pictures on napkins, scraps, and other such paper-like surfaces. She dreams of taking real drawing lessons some day, but so far she hasn't really gone looking for a teacher.


"Uh huh...and you heard this from where?" (After hearing about a particularly juicy tidbit of gossip.)
"You have no idea." (When accused of being evil.)
"What do you want?" (Brushing off someone she's not interested in.)
"Nod and smile, nod and smile..." (To herself as she's having to deal with someone she is contemptuous of.)


None, unless you count her powers of persuasion.

Belinda is a very ruthless, manipulative type of person. That being said, there are some abilities that arise almost naturally. First, she is self-assured to the point of cockiness. Therefore she can look intimidating without even really trying because she considers everyone else "beneath" her. This also means that since she thinks she can accomplish whatever she puts her mind to, she usually does. Second, she can out-think practically anyone when it comes to getting the job done. The downside of this is that she's rather paranoid and can come up with freakishly believable conspiracy theories about ANYTHING. Third, she will stop at next to nothing within her power to accomplish her goals. If it's unethical, she won't care. If it's immoral, she might give it a second thought or two but end up doing it anyway. If it's illegal, she'll do it if she can pull it off without getting caught.

A problem with being so selfish is that you hurt people along the way, so Belinda is bound to have many people who dislike her or hate her. Of course, that doesn't bother her personally, but it can become a hindrance to her goals, whatever they may happen to be at the time.

Oddly, Belinda has a strange reaction with cute animals/pets: she turns all starry-eyed, silly-talking, cooing person, and it is possible to get her do nice things while in this state. She also has a weakness towards bishonen and/or "dangerous" men, but is strictly a "window shopper" unless said male just so happens to be useful to her.

She's also horrendously nearsighted and is more or less blind without her contacts on.

In every place, there's bound to be someone who just doesn't get along with everyone else; Belinda is that sort of person. She attends Tokyo International College and is in the same class as Elyssa Au Yeung. Thanks to her naturally high intelligence and intense studying, Belinda holds the #1 ranking, but Elyssa soon worked her way up the ranks and placed herself just below Belinda. Sensing a threat to her position, Belinda made it a point to see what Elyssa was like and officialy declared Elyssa her rival soon thereafter. Now, if there's something Elyssa can do, Belinda is out to do it better!

A bit of Asuka Soryuu Langley of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tendou Nabiki from Ranma 1/2, and some of Katsuhiko Jinnai, El-Hazard (minus the laughing). (Plus now that I've seen KareKano, there'll be quite a bit of Yukino Miyazawa as well.)