[STATUS:] Martial Artist and Bartender Trainee

5' 2", Outrageous blue hair (nearly day-glo), and has purple eyes. She looks about thirteen years old from a distance (due to her height, her facial build and her general dress, but really is 19. One of her pet peeves is her apparent age. People tend to treat her like a little kid.

Her choice of clothing doesn't help her in her quest to look "mature". Her wardrobe consists of lots of stuff with frills and bows. Her most common outfit is a frilly orange sundress with a little red headkerchief, wrist guards, and a pair of thigh high red boots.

She carries a steel edged, bamboo and paper fighting fan.

She's a pretty darn good hand to hand fighter, although she does suffer without her fighting fan. She specializes in drunken brawling and keeps a little bottle of noxious but very potent liquor in her cleavage. During dire situations, she quaffs from the bottle and turns into a formidable, although incoherent, fighting force for a short time. (She suffers the mother of all hangovers afterwards) Chisa is one of the worst bartender trainees in existence. She can turn a glass of water and sugar into a viscous, steaming brown mass of acidic goo. Strangely, although most of her concoctions may seem quite nasty smelling and tasting, they do have the odd ability to get people punch drunk fairly quickly.

She's really happy go lucky. Her personality usually ranges from the eternally perky, to the really happy. It usually takes quite a bit of work to make her mad. She gets moderately annoyed by being treated as a little kid, but she usually puts up with it. Don't insult her about her drinks though. She's not too fond of remembering the infamous Long Island Ice Tea Pseudo China Syndrome Accident of '94.


(to friends) "Hi! Hi! Hi! [insert name of friend]"
(to others) "Hi! Hi!Hi!"

{A CHALLENGE:}"Who, me?"

{AN ATTACK:}"Ah ah ah! Not so fast!"
{After quaffing alcohol} "Eh heh heh... *hic* Yoush nial shee shum fischts of fureee!"

{A PASS:}"Oh wow! Nice to meet you too!"

This is the first time in her life that she has seen the world outside of her remote village. Her village, located in northwestern China, is famous for its sheep stew and martial arts (no relation... or is there?). She's the country girl in the big bad city. Her constant companion is a small brown Yorkshire terrier named Brownie. Brownie tends to be somewhat inquisitive and naughty at times. She is usually found riding in the hood of Chisa's travelling jacket, or in a little bamboo basket that Chisa brings with her quite often.

Chisa was the daughter of the local village watering hole owner. She quickly gained fame for creating the most intoxicating drink in the whole state (the locals were quite willing to ignore the nasty taste if it got them drunk quickly). Unfortunately, her prowess at creating extremely alcoholic beverages resulted in half of the male populace (and quite a bit of the female populace) of the village having a hangover at any given time. The more sober villagers realized that the productivity and social life of the village would continue to decline if she remained in town.

Well, this is the classic martial arts type girl, from shojo manga. Also, there is a bit of influence from the Jet Li film Shaolin Kids...