[CHARACTER'S NAME:]Miyuki Kashiwa
[STATUS:] Lurker's Retreat bartender

Not much bigger than her predecessor (Madoka), the latest little Miss Cyberpunk five foot and a few bits is bespectaculed, often to be seen with smiling green eyes and even teeth, her bobbed brown hair nothing special but the overall effect making her look almost pixie like emphasized by a less than substantial frame, though not childlike.

Her taste in clothing tends to enhance this effect, preferring to avoid jeans and trousers in favour of varying designs of skirt except when working in the cellar or other mucky environments.

Normally none.

Almost as fast on the hack as Madoka was, is able to pull more than rubber chickens from hammerspace (though not always the desired weapon!) Is not really a skilled fighter, though she is good at getting out of fights, and has the Saotome School of Martial Arts Secret Technique (running away) down to a fine art!

Friendly almost to the point of ridicule, Miyuki can often be overlooked as not important.


(friend) "Hello!" (hug)
(stranger) "Ooo! A new person! Hello" (hug)

{A CHALLENGE:} "Doof..."

{A WARNING:} "Last orders please"

Miyuki first met Madoka (see NPC Madoka Donguri) as one of a host of regulars on the #microsoftsux IRC channel on RetreatNET, and is a reasonable hacker in her own right. She bought the Retreat from Madoka after the pair met up after Mads had left the bar and, finding that they had more than just hacking in common, Miyuki thought that she could turn the bar into a "cyberpub", though she is having second thoughts about that now...

Miyuki shares Madoka's mysterious origin, though she is only barely related to the Donguri family, and is a stranger to Chika and Chris. Whether she has an alter-ego lie Magical Chibi Pretty Maddy has yet to be seen... ;)


[STATUS:] Madoka's distant cousin, formerly librarian and odd job person, when not attending the local school

Young pink-haired girl with a tendency toward cute.

Loose tops, short skirts, and anything that might make her look even cuter.


A song in her heart and a book in her hand.

Usually cheerful, though a little reticent since Madoka left. Occasionally she will drop her cheerful smile, especially when under pressure in the bar, but is slowly getting over it. Is still getting used to Miyuki who she didn't know before coming to the Retreat. To date, Chika still does not know about Madoka's secret identity!


(friend:) "Hi!" bubbling over.
(stranger:) "Hi!" again bubbling over.

{A CHALLENGE:} "Can't we kiss it better?"

{AN ATTACK:} "Don't hit me..." Basically, Chika would be useless in a fight...

(cute guy:) "I'm too young for that!"
(average guy:) "I'm still too young for that!"
(ugly dude:) "I'm also too young for that!"
(The Overfiend:) "Eeeeeeeek! Onee-chan!!! 'atash' kowai!!"