[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Dachend Yayin

[ALIAS:] Dach, Belshasta (only and I mean only Katt ^^ calls him that) SOB, Jude's favorit reference to Dachend. others have called him that too. but they're dead now.

[AGE:] around 750

[HAIR/EYE COLOR:] blond hair and black in black eyes.

[STATUS:] professional monster hunter. works as weaponsmith and general jack of all trades at Katt's garage.


appears as an 25 year old, man. 6,1 feet tall. with tightly musceled frame, horned to perfektion. his hair kept in an short, pointy somewhat unruly cut. his features are quite handsome, with a somewhat dangerous touch to it. a black rune is marked on his forhead. he has an air of confident, challenging, devil-may-care-but-I-don't-give-a-shit attitude about him


Dachend generaly wears a set of green or black military pants, along with a white singlet and a costum made black jacks with reinforced shoulders and elbows. topped off with a pair heavyduty boots. sometimes exchanges the jacket for a leather coat along with fingerless leather gloves. but generaly he prefers simple cloth. if it's simple and comfortable he doesn't mind. if the shit fits, wear it. that's Dachends view of cloth. but if the occation calls for it, he can slip into a nice black armani suit, which (arcording to Katt) his a real hunk in.



Dachend is.. well he's an asshole. he's overconfident, he's rude, sacastic, agressive, ruthless, reckless, vicious some would say psychotic, and generaly don't give a damn about anyone or anything, and does just about whatever he wants to. his way from thought to action is a very short, strait line. he loves to fight, a true brawler at heart. It's hard to get him really, really mad but if you succed your in deep, deep trouble. He's not very social or mannered, he hates being ordered around, dislikes athority. But he has a soft spot for children and will not harm them if he can avoid it. But he has no shame in beating the crap out of people if he has a reason (being in his way is usualy enorgh) is first and foremost on his own side. but is deep, deep down Dachend's a nice guy, who cares about his friends and loved ones. through he'd rather be flayed alive than admit it aloud. and he'll do his best to help his friends, even if it's something emotinal or social. in his somewhat strait forward, somewhat rude, socialy crippled way.


when interacting with others, especialy people he doesn't know. Dachend is very rude, provoking. espcialy if he for some reason doesn't like a person. generaly he'll just be omnious or mean with strangers. people he doesn't like will get their ass nailed to the wall before they registere that Dachend actualy might not want to talk with them. a good friend will get a very different reaction. a friendly pat on the shoulder (which proberly will knock most people of their feet) a good nature rude remark, a firm handshake. a warm greeting. how to become Dachends friend: generaly what Dachend looks for in his friends. is understanding, acceptence and trust. if he knows that he can count on a person when the chips are down, that a step in the right direction. if you respect him, he'll respect you (to various degrees and he'll rarely show it)


Dachend's the kind of guy who doesn't take shit from nobody. he doesn't care if it's the guy next door who on purpos had his dog piss at Dachend'ss doorframe or he have picked a fight with a grand corporation like Sagawa or Genom. either way, Dachend'll do his damndest to insure that they'll regret it. he'll meet any challenge, retliat any attack or threat to himself and if it's directed at his friends. he'll first start getting angry. Dachend's philosophy about hostility is: first you knock them down, if they don't get get it then chop them down. but most of the time he skips the knock part and just chops as dead man don't ague.


althrough not a very social person Dachend knows how to interact with woman, through he's rarely interested in them. sex without love doesn't work for him. he get's his kicks fighting. but when he find a woman interesting, it often because she's independent and strong willed along with quick wit and a little temper.


Dracho'xian: Dachend's oldest friend and his weapon to boot. the magical sword and Dachend has put up with eachother in a symbiotic relationship for over 700 years. neither having succeded in driving the other crazy yet. much to other peoples amazement. they're the best of friends and make a great team, but constatly argue and hack on each other and fight over one thing or another (mostly nothing).

Katt: Kattarina Dellshar is Dachend's girlfriend. the little elf having helped him rediscovering some of him lost humanity and bringing a little peace to the wandering hunters life. Dachend through he might rarely show it love Katt greatly, maybe more than he knows himself. there have been rumors of a wedding or engangement lately.

Kokutan: Dachend has found a good friend and kindred spirit in the half demonet. caring deeply for her.

Tenris: Dachend likes the weretiger and consitters him a one of the guys.

Jude: Dachend truely likes the young bikepunk, with a sort of big brotherly fondness.

Ahlen: the two have a sort of Ranma, Ryoga Relatioship. one likes the other, but as they constantly compet about who's the better at something their always fighting. but when the chips are down they're a great team.

Kimiko Souichi: he doesn't like her and she doesn't like him, it's that simple

Ryan: good friend and collegue.


Dachend works as a weaponsmith, blade weapon expert and helps along with some of other work at Katt's garage. (where he also lives) through pretty much retired from the Headhunters, he still take an occational assignment and merc jobs. but those are few and fare between. other than that he tries to keep his weapon skills sharp, spends time with Katt and his friends, has shouting matches with Dracho'xian and tags around in CAPOW harrasing people.


"Why I'm angry? WHY I'M ANGRY, there is a freaking hole in my chest, the size of a football and....WHERE THE HELL IS MY ARM!!"

"why I put the house on fire? just to watch it burn. the people inside....? that's a bonus"

"You say I have an attitude problem.... What does that have to do with me?"

"What the hell do I care?"

"Oh you are going to regret that for the rest of your miserable life, both seconds of it"

"Oh shut the fuck up"



Dracho-xian (his demonsword/friend), his gauntlets, his wards

The Gauntlets: Dachend wears a set of specially made gauntlets. They are black and reaches from the wrists to the elbows, they are made from a unknown but very strong material. Their a set of blades on the gauntlets forearm (predator style, but more slick and slender) that can be retracted. There are also a curved blade in the elbow part that can be extracted.

The wards: minor magical spells on slips of paper. he can do various things with them make a blinding flash, make the paper glow for light etc. As a rule: their damaging effect/ deadly force of the wards. the most powerfull is about as powerfull as handgranat.


Powers/skills: 1) He is a cursed with the rune of unlife. he is immortal and will live forever if not destroyed. through he feels pain when wounded and hunger when starved he won't die. It will take the most grievous wounds to slow Dachend down and the real vicious ones will even affect him seriously. Fx he suffers the effects from being seriously wounded in the head such as lose of eyesight, lose motor skills. Limbs that have been decapitated will go rigid until they are reattached, if destroyed utterly destroyed a limb will grow out in time. Through Dachend can take inhuman amounts of damage to his body, he is not unstoppable. At a point the power of the rune can no more sustain him and he will fall as if dead. But the vigilant will see his body slowly regenerating itself. And then he will rise again. ----- 2) is _extremely_ good in armed combat. his favorite being sword in which is pretty much a master, in the use of two swords and wrist-blades he also excels. And he is more or less skilled in the use of any blade weapon. ----- 3) is a expert in fighting demons, supernatural beings and monsters (knows a lot about that kind of beings entities, what they do, why, where they can be found, how to deal with them) ----- 5) Knows and can make magic wards. Is a simple kind of magic, much like micro wave food, stacked and ready, just have to be heated up. Dachend can make some of the simplest wards himself, but the bigger is made by specially skilled wizards. ----- 6) he can sense the presens of supernatural beings. Demons, vampires, spirits. Stuff like that. A sorta natural motion tracker if you will.


Dachend is as vulnerable to magic of all sorts and psychic powers as is any normal human. magical wards against supernatural things are extremely effective on him (hurts him) just being near one will make him very uncomfortable, and if a powerfull one is placed on him he will go completly rigit and will be paralysed with pain, until it is removed. he can't cross lines drawn with the correct supernatural warding. Dachend is a very poor pilot, most of the time he doesn't land, he crashes. His skill with cars isn't much better (to happy with the speed, not lousy with trafic rules) the only thing he has some degree of complet and decendt control over is a motorcykle. He has absolutly no idea of how to run mechs unless their motion-mimicks. If he feels he fails somebody that he owes something (he hardly ever feel that way ^^ but...) he will take it very hard.


little is know about him, he has roamed the worlds, appearing in one place only to disappear again shortly after, never staying at the same place for long. But one thing is known for certain about him, he's a warrior and hunter. Have hunted, caught and killed just about anything that walks or crawls. other than that, only Dracho'xian maybe knows about his past. questions about it is generaly meet with pointed, razor sharp agumentets.

(I'll add to this,when I've figured it out ^_^)


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