[CHARACTER'S NAME:]Sparrow Adams
[AGE:]mid 20's
[STATUS:]Director of the Kesserton District. Former Freelance Diplomat

His short-ish sandy-blond hair is fairly impeccable at all times. It never gets in his eyes and is cut around his ears. He'll usually have a somewhat wry glint to his green eyes, and a partial smile on his face when NOT in negotiating/diplomatic situations (he's a master at such things, so he knows when not to lord over the other people.) He's 5'9" tall, and works out a bit, so he has a bit of wiry power to his lean build, but compared to most other people, it's nothing amazing.

Casual but professional. Despite his former profession and current high office, Sparrow tends to wear fairly "normal" clothing, opting for comfortable pants and a rugby shirt.

None. Sparrow is an extremely poor combatant in almost all situations (save one: war of words). He knows this, so has no illusions that he'd be better off with a weapon. Quite the opposite in fact. However, his quick intellect and katana-sharp wit, he can be deadly (and not just metaphorically, depending on situation) when he speaks.

No Powers. Skill-wise, Sparrow is a diplomat and negotiator with very few equals. This comes from a combination of situational analysis, extreme knowledge about most social sciences, and the uncanny ability to find weaknesses in his opponents stances on things. More so than that, he is an amazing public speaker, and knows how to manipulate others with ease, all the while doing very little that could lead to harm of himself. Since he's taken control of the Kesserton District, he's had more than enough on the job training of the various bureaucratic matters related to ruling a large and powerful nation (in addition to the theoretical knowledge he already possessed.)

As noted above, Sparrow is deficient in combat. Sparrow is also something of a walking diplomatic Murphy's law... Things tend to go wrong, somehow, when he's involved. This could be attributed to him being too good at his job, and rather than reaching compromise with another party, he'll direct their grudges and aggressions elsewhere.

Despite his profession, Sparrow is rather honest. This doesn't mean he won't lie, but he finds the truth (and fact) to be more powerful weapons. He knows the value of a half-truth, and uses them to great effect. He approaches situations quite optimistically, a bit of a side effect of his effectiveness. As a leader, Sparrow is fair and has a strong sense of justice.


{A GREETING:}With little variation, Sparrow will be polite to any greeting, from friend, stranger, or enemy. He will be friendlier to friends, however. To strangers, his openness is usually geared in a way to get them to reveal more about themselves.

{A CHALLENGE:}Depends on the type. For a challenge of physical combat, Sparrow will attempt to deflect or prevent the attack. For a call to a verbal battle, Sparrow will meet it with confidence and optimism.

{AN ATTACK:}If he can't prevent a physical attack, Sparrow's first decision is usually to get away.

{A PASS:}From any relatively attractive female who's roughly his age, he will engage flirt with her. From other females, he will politely brush them off. From men, he will tend to look at them funny.

Okay... this is going to be brief. Sparrow used to be a minor freelance diplomat in a vast empire (planetary based, in an alternate dimension.) He acted as a roving mediator of disputes, usually being paid by one or both sides for the settlement of the dispute. The success of his tenure as a diplomat is debatable. During the four years he spent as a diplomat (starting at age 18) he was attributed as the root cause for over 3 minor battles, 14 unprecedented aggressions, and over 30 skirmishes. None of the conflicts lasted long, and, all told, there were less than 50 casualties between them. (3 of which were fatal, but one of those doesn't count. The cook who died choked while tasting the stew he was making.) That might sound like an extremely bad track record, but Sparrow's adeptness as a diplomat is revealed in the fact that never once was a province he was directly representing involved in the conflicts. (There's that deflection of blame ability for you.)

He was brought to Capow by, apparently, some incarnation of Commander Thickett, and had a somewhat wandering lifestyle while there. He made friends with a lot of people, and was just about to be another regular resident when Jerry of Strauss hired him to garner support from worlds in the Galactic Empire, which Strauss was fighting at the time. Sparrow, of his own volition, decided to do one better, and traveled to the Kesserton Sector. This collection of 17 systems was one of the most powerful districts in the Empire, responsible for roughly 7% of its output, despite having less than 2% of the worlds. Kesserton itself is a heavily industrialized world. Despite the extreme importance of the District, Sparrow managed to overthrow the power base at the time and installed himself as ruler of the district. The Empire retaliated, but through some superb and creative fighting by the forces loyal to him, he managed to keep his claim. He renamed it the Kesserton District.

In the roughly 1.5 years he has been there, Sparrow has managed to increase the economic output of the District, and it has roughly the same production as the Alkaran Sector, which boasts 14 more worlds. Also in that time, the military has been rebuilt and stands at 3 times the size of the original Imperial Fleet stationed in the Kesserton Sector. Diplomatic relations with the Core Worlds Federation have helped Sparrow increase and diversify the technology used by the military, and the force the District boasts is one of the most tactically varied anywhere.

Recently, however, Sparrow has been aching for a break from the constant stress associated with ruling a large and powerful collection of worlds, so he has opted to take a vacation. Installing a Regent in his place, he's returned to Capow with two of his friends who act as his bodyguards.

Umm... none, really. Sparrow more of an "anime-esque" character, than a collection of attributes from any specific characters.



"Arctic" Kalahan
If you could personify liquid nitrogen, you'd end up with Arctic Kalahan. He rarely shows emotion, and is absolutely cold and calculating in combat. He is an extremely skilled pilot, easily one of the top 20 in the galaxy. More so than that, he is an expert shot with just about anything. In combat, especially if it is to protect Sparrow, he has little compunction about pulling a firearm to end the fight quickly (and he has an extremely fast draw.) In hand to hand combat, he's less capable, but still skilled. Despite all that, Arctic isn't a bad guy, just dedicated to his job. He does have a soft spot for his girlfriend Kerri Wendingham and shows warm emotions to her. Save times where it would put Sparrow in danger, he'll do what he can to protect her, too. Arctic pilots a heavily modified incendiary bomber named "Absolute Zero".

Kerri Wendingham
One of Sparrow's best friends, Kerri serves as his primary bodyguard. Despite being a mediocre pilot she is an extremely capable martial artist. Her training has given her a wide variety of "special forces" type skills, and she has a vast store of experience to draw from. While always alert and professional, Kerri is friendly and outgoing, almost a polar opposite to how Arctic acts. Like Arctic, however, she is deadly serious about her position as Sparrow's bodyguard, and will sacrifice herself to save him, even above her worries about Arctic.