Name: Elaine Veritas

Age: 11

Bday: June 8 (Gemini)

Gender: Female

Status: Sorceress in Training

Appearance: 4'5", with bright orange hair, light purple eyes, and the cutest little face you've ever seen. ^_^ Wears slightly oversized round glasses that make her look even more adorable, especially when they start slipping down her tiny nose.

General Clothing: A long black dress with sleeves not quite reaching her wrists and black-bottomed shoes, because it's what all aspiring sorceresses have worn. She has a bit of her hair tied in a tiny pigtail at the top of her head with a hairpiece that resembles a pair of cherries as good luck. She also wears a pendant made of a metal that no one has yet been able to identify around her neck that has an orb-tipped staff on one side and a winged golden dragon on the other. She's not entirely sure where she got the pendant from, but it always mysteriously finds its way back to her every time she has lost it.


In General: Has extreme mood swings at the drop of a hat. Throws rather frightening tantrums. Tries to cute her way through tight situations. Can be fiercely possessive and bossy. On the other hand, a very sweet, kind, and happy-go-lucky person. In short, she's still very much a child. Yet at moments she can also be very mature and thoughtful or even cynical. Altogether contradictory and completely unpredictable.

Reactions to...
1. Greetings/smalltalk/etc.--Depends highly on how she's feeling at the moment. Fortunately, she broadcasts all of her emotions quite clearly, so steer clear of her when she's having one of THOSE moments.
2. Hostility/violence/trouble--She'll generally try to get out of volatile situations, but again, the reaction is highly variable.
3. Romance--An eleven year old girl? You're kidding, right? If she thinks you're serious, though, she'll probably hold you for your word and be completely devastated should you ever change your mind about her. Certainly will make for an exciting relationship, since Elaine never seems to act the same way twice.

Relationships... Being a relatively new arrival to Capow, Elaine has yet to make many friends, and she generally tends to be a bit shy. However, if someone initiates a relationship, Elaine will reciprocate.
--Lyta: Absolutely WORSHIPS the ground that Lyta walks on. Living in the same town as the daughter of the legendary Lina Inverse has been the brightest spot of Elaine's young life, and she's not about to let up on the opportunity to study under Lyta. Since Lyta means so much to Elaine, any of Lyta's friends are therefore immediately worth being friends with.
--Kokutan: Very apprehensive of her and doesn't quite get why she's so antagonistic. (Knows that she's half fox and half demon.)

Daily Life: Elaine can be found at the Shin Muchitsujo nearly 24-7, only venturing off on Lyta's orders. She's taken up as a part-time cook, relieving Kokutan of a great burden. (More to come as I write.)

        "Wai! Wai! Wai! Wai! Wai!" (Really excited about something.)
        "GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE YOU!" (While throwing a temper tantrum.)
        "......I wanna go home......" (On a bad day.)


Weapons: Not unless you count that push-broom...

Powers/Skills: Push-broom assisted flight (she rides "side saddle") and ability to see the truth as it is--and this includes the spirit realm (ironic considering that she's mildly nearsighted). The latter ability is still somewhat untested, and can be fooled by more powerful magicians. She only knows the very basics of magic, as she doesn't quite seem to have the knack to cast spells. She's a rather good cook, though, and can make simple but wholesome meals.

List of Spells (which require rather lengthy incantations to cast every time):
Light--A globe of light that gives about 5 feet of visibility in total darkness, lasts up to 7 hours.
Dark Mist--Obscures and/or confuses all senses, including ki and magic, but not to a very great extent. Mostly annoying.
Fire--Flame leaps from the fingers at target. Only good for lighting candles.
Ice--Elaine has never gotten anything more than ice cubes out of this spell.
Wind--Actually a shield, can ward off small rocks (up to baseball-sized), sticks, arrows, or other such projectiles.
Bolt--What it says, although you'd only get a minor tingling jolt. You'd get hurt more trying to stick wet fingers in an outlet.
Cure--It can completely heal minor cuts, fractures, and bruises, and stop or slow bleeding in more serious injuries.

Background: As part of the centuries' old tradition of her world, Elain left her hometown and came to CAPOW to make a life for herself and find a suitable teacher as part of her training. Who would make a better sensei than Lyta Fireheart, daughter of the legendary Lina Inverse? :)
She doesn't tell any one, but the reason she left home at 11 instead of 12 was because she was the only one in her town that couldn't cast more than a modicum of magic and her parents feared for her safety. As her occasionally strange behavior suggests, there's a lot more to Elaine's past than she seems to realize. And then there's that strange pendant she's always wearing, and the even stranger dreams that she gets...

Note: When writing Elaine, be sure to remember that she needs to push her glasses back up to her face at least once or twice. (She's in such a habit of doing this that sometimes she even repeats this motion when not wearing her glasses. ^_^)

Anime Influences:
Kiki's Delivery Service (Kiki)
Slayers (Amelia)
Kodomo no Oespresso (Sana)