[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Shryioune Achikena
[NICK NAME:] Shryn
[STATUS:] Gun man, Hit man, Merc.

A tall Late-20s, strong build, with wide shoulders, His hair a shabby cut, with his frontal bangs wildly swept to the left, with rest of his hair sticking up apiked, very short hair. Has strong muscles.

A black over-coat covering from his neck to his toes, with a concealed hood on the back. Has a dark silver long sleaves shirt on, with dark dark blue pants.

Carries 1 Dessert Eagle, several extra clips, a Scoping Sights, and a silencer, and a small grenade.

Could pick small lock.
DEADLY with guns, accurate, quick, and graceful.
Could use just about any fire-arms known to CAPOW and Earth.
Can drive a StarShip fairly well.
No idea about Mecha's.

His skills with Guns make for lack of any other skills. He can't fix anything, isn't terribnly fast, and cant use any weapon BUT guns. Also his one heavy Dessert Eagle limits his carriage of other weapons.


{A GREETING:} Hello.
(Friends): Nice to meet you again.

{A CHALLENGE:} "....oh?"

{AN ATTACK:} *bang bang*

{A PASS:} "....oh?"

None Available.