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[STATUS:] Postal Delivery Man

Short, about 5' (maybe a little shorter) with a rather baby face fresh look to him.

Seems to like that WWI pilot getup. (Helps when you're cutting the lawn with your teeth.) Also note that he has extra sets of clothes located in compartments on his rocket.

I guess that rocket he rides would count, and watch out for those hooks he carries. (Known carried: bungee cords, shrinker lines, barbed wire, suction hooks, rocket propelled, more...)

Fixing his rocket in no time flat and the ability to go super deformed.

The most cocky SOB on the planet (next to another rocket jockey). Likes to think this still makes him lovable. May need to see a shrink soon. Check next entry.


(from a friend:) "Hey, you want to hear what happened on the field today? Look at the trophy I brought for you today!" [Holds up a ragged pair of opponent's pants]
(from other:) "You want a signed Ace Ban Dage collectors card?"

{A CHALLENGE:} "Here's your ticket, meet me out on the field at noon. Also, don't forget to make sure your life insurance is paid up."

{AN ATTACK:} Casually sidesteps and pulls out a hook out of his jacket. "Never leave home without one."

{A PASS:} Ace walks up to the woman, smiles and asks, "Would you like to go out with a sports star like me?"

Ace started out as a shipping clerk in one of Commander Thickett's tech warehouses. In his off time, he went out on the fields and competed in the Rocket Jockey tournaments and started earning fame and fortune. Even though Ace has quite a bit of money due to his earnings on the field, he is still employed by Commander Thickett because of the health benefits program.

Eventually, Commander Thickett found out about Ace due to a routine records sweep and uses Ace as his main courier for the really important stuff that needs to be there NOW! Thickett also gets first dibs on deliveries from Ace, but Ace is always given a special reward for these tasks.

A special note should be made about the relationship between Ace and Commander Thickett. RL-Thorn once tried to kill Ace after a demonstration to Anne Packrat, but was saved when Thickett used a Chrono Trigger (see below) to save him from death. For this, Ace owes Thickett BIG TIME and is still paying off this debt.

One final note: Emiko has no effect on Ace other than she is cute. Mai, her sidekick, is another story altogether. Ace just can't explain why his heart melts for her, maybe its just the purity and innocence he finds in her attractive. He realizes that it's hopeless due to the huge age difference, but his heart won't let go.

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Commander Thickett
[STATUS:] Conquering (enough said?)
[AFFILIATION:] FFE (The Formula For Evil, future plotline villain)

Tall, about 6'3 with a noble but sinister air to him.

Likes military garb and armor of any timeline. Most often seen wearing a gray uniform.

Can use any weapon from any time line, but doesn't like to get his hands dirty handling such things.

Always seems to raise an army loyal only to him no matter where he goes. (Even if it's the middle of nowhere.) Also seems to make money no matter what happens. Rebirth (see below).

A refined, charming veneer with a fault for petty details. Can get quite annoying and changes loyalties quickly. Also has a habit of belittling people.


(from a friend:) "Sit, sit. Let us talk about money."
(from other:) "You want a job? I'm looking for people with your talents."

{A CHALLENGE:} "Me and what army?"

{AN ATTACK:} "You know, this is a breach of contract. Get him guys."

{A PASS:} "Quite charming. I'm sure you'll make it big. In fact, I'll make of it." Pulls out contract.

Commader Thickett remembers all the way back to the beginnings of recorded time. He living is proof of reincarnation, but due to a weird twist of fate, he remembers, with perfect clarity, all his previous lives. That means that he never has to relearn anything and that he had all of those other lifetimes to learn from his mistakes. (However, that doesn't mean that he still doesn't make mistakes.)

The current incarnation, Commander Thickett, lives in the year, 2033 and has ties to Quincy and Genom. Thickett is one of the very few people that Quincy actually respects and that is part of the reason that so many boomers are in Thickett's employment. It should be noted that like Quincy, Thickett has boomer doubles substituting for him at various times making it hard to find him sometimes.

From his previous lives, he has stashed away tremendous amounts of valuables and holdings. He also has many exotic treasures including the Chrono Trigger that was mentioned above.

The Chrono Trigger is a time egg that is the seed of all possibilities. It can make a party go back to an exact moment in time to right a wrongful death only if certain conditions are met. The conditions are that a replica of the person needs to take the place of the real person and most importantly, that person needs to be critical to the timeline. Thickett and Ace no longer qualify to be saved by the Chrono Trigger and Thickett only has one more in his collection.

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Jessica Halbrant
[STATUS:] Electrical engineer/Mech pilot

She has short brown hair and coke bottle thick glasses. At 5'2 and 90 lbs, she's flat chested and is rather unremarkable.

Usually in a turtleneck or other long sleeved shirt, she dresses conservatively, but wears work-boots and leather gloves to protect her delicate feet and hands.

Because of her poor eyesight, she rarely uses any projectile weapons unless they are smart weapons that aim for her. Occasionally, she uses grenades or other weapons supplied to her by Thickett.

Jessica is one of the few people who can actually enter John and has the authorization to use it's interior interfaces. Any other mecha, she can pilot, but not to the amount of skill she can with John. She also has a natural affinity for electronics, but not any heavy work or requires her to get dirty.

[ATTITUDE:] Jessica generally doesn't care about anyone else, she's out to get her man, Ace Ban Dage. She will also work for "evil" characters if it furthers her goals. [REACTIONS TO:]

{A GREETING:} "My, what made it a marvelous day for you?"

{A CHALLENGE:} "Do you really know who you are getting involved with?"

{AN ATTACK:} "John, target's in front of me. Terminate with extreme predjudice."

{A PASS:} Waves them off. She is only after Ace.

Jessica is another time traveler that first appeared during Even the Sun is Wrong. Ever since then, she's been chasing after Ace for saving her. However, her age isn't fixed and was in her 40's during Ascension Wars and about 20 in EtSiW and the current storylines. She is also Thickett's future mother and Ace's bride some time in the near future (revealed in Ascension Wars). Ace, of course, doesn't know about any of this.

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