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[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Anne Packrat
[ALIASES:] Anne-chan (Cursed form), Tomboy

A 5'7" fourteen-year-old with short blond hair and grey blue eyes, Anne wears casual clothing usually, a school uniform (for school), and either a plugsuit (white green, blue) or a miko/spiritualist outfit for battle or formal situations. Has all shikigamis except Indara around her generally, though if she's going into a more formal gathering she keeps Shotoro, the bulldog, and possibly, Ryo, around her.

CF - A large orangutan with orange fur, and arms too long for her frame.

Mallet, very limited staff-fighting skills, shikigamis

Can control and manifest shikigamis. The shikigamis (animal spirits) are independent entities, however, she can not make one do something against it's wishes. The shikigamis respond to her moods and do their best to protect her. Has access to HammerSpace, generally she can only retrieve a mallet or other small object. In silly threads she can restrict other's use of HammerSpace. Has limited empathy and uncontrollable prediction ability provided by dreams. Also she has her own theme music provided by Wakwak. ^_^

Lately Anne has also been able to "connect" with certain types of AIs (Eva Lemon and Eva 00). This power is unpredictable and as was the case with Eva Lemon, Anne can become overwhelmed and lose her mind. This is very dangerous to Anne and she has learned to rightly fear using this power.

Finally, Anne has been learning magic from her teacher Jerry. So far she knows really only the essentials (mostly theory). She can cast a few very-low-powered spells (right now she knows how to create two-dimensional illusions, light, Fukerize, and Chia-sensei). She used to be able to endow people with temporary Jusenkyo curses, but this ability seems to have been lost during her recent possession.

Kind, but short-tempered tomboy. She is generally happy or thoughtful most of the time. Frequently she goes into a sort of "mood" when she seems depressed and stares out into space.

Anne has two sisters (Ami and Meiko who together along with Anne form the Legendary Three Senshi of Strauss), and one brother (Huck). They all grew up in the Empire, with Anne's mother serving the Empire. Anne's father was an alien who died while Anne was very young. Anne was raised with her family until she was six when she was found to have a type of power that the Empire needed to power a new division of its army known only as "The Agency". The Agency performed excruciating tests on Anne to determine the extent of her power, and made her create horrible creatures. The full extent of what the Agency did to Anne is not known, as she refuses to talk about it, but it is presumed to be very bad indeed. At the age of 11, Anne escaped the Agency, and was pursued for two weeks by her brother Huck and sister Ami, now known as Sailor Makendo. Just before they caught her, Anne was found and spirited away by the genius scientist Washu.

Washu raised the girl until she was recovered and then sent her off to live in a monastery/school in Colorado. Presumably, the monks had a favorable impression on her, and that is why she is something of a tomboy. After five years with the monks, Washu set Anne up as manager of her Used Bookstore and SubSpace Lab in the strange town of Capow.

Anne quickly became friends with most of the Capowers, and gained a magic teacher, Jerry, the Duke of Strauss. After Anne was in Capow for about a year, her brother Huck came to take her back to the Agency. Huck managed to capture her, Jerry, and a little girl named Mai. Many Capowers came to the rescue, only to find a strong Empire base as opposition. Anne ended up invoking her full power as a senshi in order to destroy the base. Along with the power, Anne came up against "the promise". The promise was an agreement/spell made from Anne's father to her mother that his children would use their full power only in serving the Empire. If ever they used it against the Empire's wishes they would die. With this invoked, Anne gave up her life to save her friends.

But all was not lost. Washu felt her ward's death and activated a clone she'd made of the girl years before. Anne came back as a nine-year-old with Washu in tow as her guardian. Together they lived in the bookstore. Anne aged at an accelerated rate, but for the time being has stopped at the age of fourteen/ fifteen, but she is much older mentally, but socially and spiritually she is still somewhat a child...

Anne was reconciled with her teacher, and actually was made an honorary member of the duke of Strauss, thus becoming his heir until Jerry's own children came around. Also Anne's sister Meiko came back, and she and Anne came to an understanding. Meiko lived with them for awhile but now is living with her lover Jay.

With Meiko's coming, Anne's full memories of her former life came flooding back. When this happened, what was left of "the promise" also came into being. This "force" has plagued Anne with horrible nightmares of what her future might be like. Indeed, Washu now suspects that "the promise's" influence is slowly causing Anne to turn evil the more she uses her full power. Washu has not told Anne this, and hopes not to for awhile. Currently, she and Jerry are trying to stop Anne's fall to darkness, but meanwhile, they are preventing the girl from using anything too powerful lest she hasten the process.

Recently, Capow's timeline was warped by Thickett. Anne was one of a handful of people who were trying to retrieve the scattered dragonballs so that the timeline could be set aright. Thickett managed to infect Anne with an evil malevolence, but she managed to keep her control most of the time. During this quest, Anne ended up in the Evangelion dimension, and was tested as an Eva pilot. She did exceptionally well, but the malevolence took over and caused her to attack her (somewhat) love interest Shinji Ikari, in Eva 01. With the shikigamis help, Shinji managed to free Anne, in the process the two developed a deep almost telepathic bond. Currently, they are having a relationship, though they're still at the "blushing and looking down at the floor" stage.

Anne's Shikigamis:
Mekira - green and yellow tiger, motherly, she is the oldest and most protective shikigami, has a slight rivalry with Shotoro.

Shotoro - bulldog with exceptional sense of smell. Has slight rivalry with Mekira. Likes food and being pet.

Ryo - Cabbit with better-than-human-hearing and ability to eat many times own weight in carrots.

Indara - the shyest of the shikigamis, Indara prefers to stay in the spirits' dimensional home unless she is needed. She is a unicorn essentially. Her horn is useful in dispelling spirits.

Wakwak - a runty yello Chocobo who can sense feelings and play appropriate music

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Meiko "Sailor Kenshin" Packrat

Shoulder length brown/blond hair with blue eyes. In excellent physical health. Wears understated comfortable clothing or fuku respectively.

Powers, very very good with a sword (see the character she's named after for just how good), Empire weapon training

Almost complete control over physical effects including her own body. Limited telepathy.

For now, reserved still suspicious of her sister, Anne, but is feeling some guilt for what Anne has gone through. Still blames Anne and Jerry (more so Jerry) for the death of Makendo and her lover Jay. She knows Jay is alive out there somewhere, but she's not sure if she wants to pursue him now. She is quite concerned with her appearance to the point of being conceited. She is hates being thought of as a child and gets defensive when people mention her age, or when her older siblings were around.

Meiko was sent away at a young age in order to be schooled and trained off-world on Strauss. This is where she first met Jay, and soon the two became lovers. Meiko was always kept from knowing certain information about what was happening at home. For example: When her youngest sister ran away from the lab (where the poor girl had been experimented on), Meiko was told that Anne had defected to the enemy. As a result, Meiko vowed to bring her sister to justice, hopefully without killing her.

Meiko returned to her home planet with Jay when Jay attempted to kidnap Anne and two others who showed power signatures like her own. One of these others proved to be Jay's own brother Jerry. Eventually Anne destroyed the base, killing Makendo and supposedly "Jay" in the process.

Lost without her love or family, Meiko learned Anne's whereabouts and went there to exact vengeance. After arriving in the middle of Jerry's wedding, Anne had a seizure and suffered one of her nightmares which she inadvertently shared with Meiko. Meiko was shown the truth about what Anne went through, but she still doesn't entirely believe it. Right now she's keeping an eye on Anne and working in Washu-chan's Bookstore. After the Retreat disappeared Meiko did so as well.

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Huck Packrat or Fett
[STATUS:] Bounty hunter

Tall, about 6'0", blond hair covered with bandanna, scruffy look to him, resemblance to Anne

Long cape, brown leather outfit, utility belt filled with tech stuff, bandanna over hair (like a pirate), rifle and holster on back, beads in hair

Usually uses laser rifle, but has other weapons, lots of technological devices provided by employer

force-field provided by device, immune to all of Anne's powers (except hand to hand combat), master of martial arts (surpasses his sister easily)

Get the target and have fun doing it. Superior attitude over everyone but especially his sister. (snip conversations, just remember he's always condescending in tone)

Lacking his sister's powers, Huck became a bounty hunter and martial artist. He works for a group that used Anne for experiments and now wants her back. He has been sent to get her and anyone else the group can use.

[STATUS:] Chocobo spirit

Small for a chocobo, he's predominantly yellow.

Limited empathy, ability to play theme music. Generally, if left alone will go to people displaying most intense emotions and play appropriate background music. Essentially it plays music, and squawks.

Rekishi and Emiko were sitting at a table in the corner of the Retreat having a conversation. At least they were *trying* to have a conversation. Mostly they were just blushing and saying "uh".

All of a sudden, Rekishi felt something brush past his leg. Curious as to what it was, he poked around with his foot under the table, accidently brushing against Emiko's leg. "Wa-" Emiko began to shout, but stopped in the middle. -I didn't know Rekishi-san could be this bold! He wants to play footsie with me! Well, two can play at that game! (and usually do)- Romantic music began to play in the background.

Rekishi gulped and turned very red as he felt Emiko's foot stroking his ankle. He quickly clasped shut his nose, in order to stop the impending bleeding. - She's... she's... I-I guess I should uh, return the favor...- Unsure of himself, he blindly poked his foot where he thought Emiko's legs were...


The mage stopped, and retracted his foot. He was nearly certain that neither Emiko or her feet went 'Bwernk'. He and Emiko stared at each other and then simultaneously they lifted the table-cloth and looked under the table. The sight that greeted them, was an unusual one; even for the Retreat. A groggy and annoyed yellow bird stared back at them. "Bwank?"

Rekishi carefully gathered the bird up in his arms. He estimated it to be three feet tall when standing, but it wasn't that wide around. It fitted rather well in his two arms. The Jeopardy theme song began to play as the bird stared at the mage with a puzzled look.

"What is it?" Emiko asked. Rekishi gently placed the avian on the table and considered it. "I think it's called a Chocobo. I remember reading about them somewhere. I think this one is something of a runt though..."

"Bwornk!" the Chocobo replied indignantly. Strains of the William Tell Overture started up. Emiko looked around. "Where is that music coming from?" The avian ignored the question and began to groom itself.

Rekishi leaned in close and then drew back, a confused expression on it's face. "I think it's coming from the Chocobo..." The couple stared at the bird in amazement for a moment more before they heard Anne's voice from across the room.

"Wakwak! There you are!" Anne called approaching the group. Wakwak (the Chocobo) grew excited. The music quickly changed to his, and Anne's favorite, the Electric Chocobo (from FF7, it's Wipeout with bird squawks in it). Once Anne reached the table she picked up the bird and stroked its head. Wakwak squawked happily and rubbed its head on Anne's stomach.

Emiko took in the spiritualist and bird. "Is he yours, Anne?" Anne nodded happily. "Yep! He's my new shikigami! I just got him today!"

Understanding dawned in Rekishi and Emiko's eyes. "Oh, was that it..." Rekishi muttered, then louder, "You have to take better care of where he goes."

Anne nodded. "I'm sorry," she stroked the contented spirit some more. "He seems to be attracted to people who are exhibiting lots of emotion, and then he plays accompanying music. Strange, eh? I wonder why he chose your table to settle under though..."

Rekishi and Emiko glanced at each other and blushed. Wakwak squawked, "Bwark!" and began playing the Ballad of Ranma and Akane. Anne grinned and carried her wayward shikigami back to the other end of the bar, leaving the blushing couple alone again.

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Kate "Kat" North
[ALIASES:] Kat, [Names given by media: Gravedigger, Death, Psycho]
[STATUS:] mercenary, professional killer

Kat is a dark-skinned woman in her twenties. She has a crew cut made of her red hair, with a pigtail trailing down her back (think Rachel Summers from "Excalibur"). Anyone looking into her green eyes feels as if she's looking down into their soul. Kat is about 5'4" and is attractive in a dangerous way.

She wears dark pants and a dark shirt with an ammunition belt worn over her shoulder. She typically wears a dusty leather jacket. On her left arm is her bracer needle gun. Numerous knives, daggers, and other weapons are secured on her person.

Bracer Gun - fires needles that she often coats with different types of poison as needed. Very accurate.

Knives - Kat's favorite weapon is also her most deadly. She has almost unhuman accuracy with her blades. She often coats them with poison as well.

Kat abhors the thought of using "normal" guns. She feels that there is no "skill" involved in using one.

Agility and dexterity to match her feline namesake. Amazing accuracy with knives.

Telekinesis - mainly uses to block objects coming toward her. Also uses to *nudge* her rare bad shots. Also uses to soften her jumps when she needs to escape.

Her eyes reflect determination, bloodlust, manic confidence and a hint of madness, her major traits. She won't let anything get in the way of her finishing her job. Often she likes to have a little *fun* before finishing off her mark. This *fun* includes killing bystanders, torturing the target or performing other cruelty. Kat is very sure of herself and acts like it, but if her life is in danger, she'll save her own hide.


(from a friend:) "Hey, who do you want killed?"
(from other:) "Yo." [rubs knife absently]

{A CHALLENGE:} [leans back, fires a needle into his/her foot, then turns back to her drink]

{AN ATTACK:} [looks up at attacker with annoyance] "I ain't being paid to kill you." [Throws knife or dart at attackers chest, turns back to drink.]

{HER TARGET:} [throws a knife in a painful but non-lethal spot, or paralyzes them with a needle, then she proceeds to hack them apart one limb, toe, or other organ at a time]

(from guy:) [pulls out a knife and licks the edge] Let's go.
(from girl:) [licks lips and runs a finger down the woman's chest] "You sure, honey? Think you can handle it? Let's go."

A cold heartless merc, Kat is literally "the best there is at what she does." None of her employers have found a reason to fault her performance, of course, a number of her employers have turned up dead as well.

Kat is bisexual and generally is up for nearly *anything*, but it is rumored that partners that fail to live up to her *standards* end up in alleys, naked with knives in various areas...

Currently, Kat is working for Thickett. She's been sent to make sure that Jessica succeeds in the quest. She's also been ordered to "take care" of any obstacles.

Kat is actually from the same future as Nik, brought back to work for Thickett. Nik hates Kat and the goddess will attack her on sight.

Note: Kat is immune to all of the poisons she uses, plus a few more.

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Dei "Dawg" Asagari
[STATUS:] Student or Street Rat

Young boy of about ten or eleven. Close-cropped blue/black hair with green eyes.

Pants and a light top with an oversized jacket. Clothes are dirty as he is a street rat. Clothes are often oversized right after a change.

Clothing, knife, ring on a piece of cord that he wears around his neck. Might have a knife if expecting trouble, but generally tries to avoid fights. Will take what food he can and will generally have a change of clothing in a backpack. Carries a torn page from the Book of Prophets that includes the rhyme about him.

[POWERS/SKILLS:] Strong telekinesis.
Fighting Skill: Poor. Generally will rush headlong at an enemy or will run away. Will use a knife if pressed, but won't do much else. He doesn't like fighting as he doesn't wish to taste blood.


(a friend:) [grins] "Yo! Want a bagel? It's only a day old!"
(an acquaintance:) "Hi."
(a playmate:) [big grin] "Hey!"
(a stranger:) [sizes up the stranger, looks around nervously, and then tentatively] "Um, hello."
(an enemy:) "NO!" [runaway or push the enemy back]

{AN ATTACK:} "STOP IT!" [slams enemy into a wall]

{ATTACK ON PLAYMATE OR FRIEND:} [eyes glow and aura gets churning] "DAMN YOU!!!" [slams enemy through several walls]

(female if older:) [blushes and edges away] (if younger or around same age:) [blushes and puts hand behind head]
(male:) [turns white and runs away]
Dawg shares a body with the psychotic assasian Kat. When Kat is in control he is essentially "dormant". He knows nothing of what goes on around him, or of what Kat knows. He knows of Kat's nature however, by the evidence he sees after a change and by the residual feelings he "senses" from her. He is afraid of Kat and what she does. He generally tries to stay distant from most people because he is afraid of what his alterego might do to them. As he is still a kid, though, he does feel the need for playmates and he often forms attachments to others despite his hesitation.

Dawg is a street rat; he has little family (at least none that he talks about), and he's been on his own for years. He can survive on the streets (mostly by knowing when to run), and he is something of a loner.

According to a poem in the Book of Prophesies, Dawg has been able to figure out when and how he changes to Kat and vice versa. Whenever Dawg tastes the blood of an adult (not necessarily human) he changes into Kat. Whenever Kat tastes the blood of a child she changes into Dawg. Because of this Dawg generally avoids meat (though most meat isn't enough to cause the change).

[QUOTES:] "Wanna play a game?"

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Rebecca "Beko" Hanley
[ALIASES:] "Beko"

Confident craftswoman of about six foot. She wears casual clothing and a tool belt with many pockets and assorted tools and things around. She has orange hair in a tight braid, with blue eyes. Has a green tattoo "slash" on one eye, and green and black vines on her wrists on her wrists.

Staff, or a simple pistol of her own make.

Beko's a crack shot with any firearm, can make real nice ones too. Also she can tell you the entire history of any comic book company, and any book she at least has passing knowledge of. Beko's also a shaman. Generally this means she performs rituals and the like. She has a "tie to the land" where she can find out if something is wrong with it (such as what happened in Ascension Wars), so she can take appropriate action. If within three days of a full moon she can summon willing animals from the surrounding area to defend or help her. She can also manipulate plant growth within a week of the full moon.

Confident, brisk, professional, but always willing and eager to discuss her trade or her hobbies. Takes her "night job" very seriously.


(friend:) Hey! Did you hear what Marvel plans to do with Thor?! They're insane!
(stranger:) Hello. If you need help just ask.
(regular customer:) Oh hi! I got your (gun/comic book) in back. Hold on!

(as Beko:) A duel eh? I'd rather not.
(as Shaman:) I have no time for this. The land has no quarrel with you.

(as Beko:) [duck] Whip out gun and aim for a leg or weapon arm.
(as Shaman:) ENTANGLE! [plants grab victims limbs and hold him]

(as Beko:) [blush] Why thank you. What did you have in mind?
(as Shaman:) [stares at passer] I have no time for this.
(from a female:) [surprised look] Um, sorry, I don't go that way.

Beko runs the local gun/comic book shop. She's known to be fair and accurate in all of her dealings, and she's a rather superb craftsman. She also takes in odd fix it jobs as she's one of the most mechanically inclined in CAPOW. She's looking for an assistant to take over these odd jobs for her tho, so she can concentrate on her gun-smithing.

As mentioned, Beko is also a shaman. She acts as an "avenging angel" for the land, punishing those who do not respect it. (She's an AD and D druid okay?). She normally wears a hooded cloak that hides her identity. When she is acting as a shaman her tattoos grow to cover most of her face and body, and they glow brightly depending on her moods. She is often accompanied by an animal if she's "on patrol". She prefers to keep her "night" shamanic job a secret from those her know of her "day" job. She is good friends with Diskan and the two have a good team going. Diskan keeps the law in town and the people in line, and Beko protects the surrounding countryside.

[ALIASES:] Kaito

Long-limbed, gawky thin humanoid with bone-white skin and grey tiger stripes running over his body. One charcoal colored plait running down the middle of his back is the only hair he has. His eyes are like a cat's oversized and sickly yellow-colored.

Zebaku is the last of a shapeshifting race know as the Mogli. He can assume anyone's form and voice after observing them for only a few minutes. He can stay in another's form for only a few hours at a time unless he has "absorbed" them. Absorbing is the process which allows Zebaku to assume another person's form totally, including powers and memories. In order to complete the process, Zebaku must kill the person he intends to absorb. However, even with a few strands of hair (or other DNA source) he can begin the process, gaining the ability to stay in that form longer and a very-much weakened version of their powers.

Is good at martial arts and staff fighting. Is weaker in natural form, but can still fight using his claws or staff. Is partially immune to mind control due to a device given to him by Lord Panthera.

When on a mission Zebaku will do his best to stay "in character" of whatever form he is filling. Otherwise, he is very quiet, keeping to himself and hiding in the shadows. If the need to have conversation becomes necessary in his natural form he is hesitant and unsure of himself. On his own, he has little or no interest in either sex (he himself is sexless). Occasionally elements of Kaito will surface in his personality and he will become a bit more outgoing and childlike.

[REACTIONS TO:] (These are all in his natural state)

(stranger:) H-hello...
(friend:) H-hello.

{A CHALLENGE:} H-hai.... I will fight.

{AN ATTACK:} Fades into the shadows or knocks victim unconscious and runs.

{AN ORDER:} Hai, Panthera-sama.

{A PASS:} No, uh, t-thank you....

Encroaching Straussian settlers who saw the peaceful race as a “threat” killed the Mogli tribe. Zebaku was found among the ruins by a herder. The herder's family adopted him, and he assumed the role of the herder's dead son, Kaito, in thanks for their kindness. At the age of twelve, Zebaku was "found out" and the herder and his family were killed by a mob. Grief-stricken and scared, Zebaku was about to be destroyed by the mob when Lord Panthera rescued him. Lord Panthera taught the boy and "raised" him. At the age of sixteen Panthera started sending Zebaku out on jobs, killing and impersonating key members of the nobility and other influential people. Zebaku owes Lord Panthera his life and thus does his best to fufill the missions the noble gives him. However, Zebaku has always been uneasy and regretful of what he does. He does not enjoy killing, but he sees it as his duty so he follows Panthera's every order. Lately this remorse has consumed him to the point where it is affecting his performance.

"Hai, Panthera-sama."

Zebaku is based heavily off the Deciever from Escaflowne, with ideas taken from "Ecology of the Mongelmen" from Dragon Magazine, and Amiboshi from Fushugi Yugi.

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