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Sterling | Yugo Kawajira

[STATUS:] Cute little fox or semi-cute human mage
[DAY JOB:] He is a club musician and plays with a small band "The Blue Flame". They are a band that plays other bands stuff so they won't they wouldn't be put into any one genre.
[AGE:] Looks like 19/20. Actually 10.
[SEX:] Male
[HAIR/EYE COLOUR:] Weird dark blue / Black deep blue

A 6'0" guy usually wearing a pair of jeans, a cheap pair of sneakers, sweatshirt. He has moderate build for someone of his supposed age. Kinda cute but nothing all that spectacular. OR an absolutely adorable silver fox with dark blue eyes.

Most of the time nothing (being a fox). Otherwise, a mini-discman, a ratty pair of jeans/shorts, sneakers, a sweatshirt and sometimes a parka. On occasion he has a bass guitar slung over his back and mini-amp in one arm.

If he doesn't wear clothes most of the time, you'd think that would cover weapons as well.

He is a fox and can transform into a fox at will. He has a smattering of magical power that is only a couple of spells(Mana bolt, a surge of magic energy; Mana Barrier, a barrier that stops animate matter and magical energies; Heal, duh; and Levitate, this includes flight and defying gravity in general).

He is a fox and isn't usually worried about the general human stuff. Attention span is varied to say the least, it all depends on what he thinks is "interesting". He doesn't care for most humans, too violent and arrogant(I mean, how well could a fox appreciate a species that routinely beats the snot out of itself on a regular basis). He really likes precious gems and has a nice little collection. Doesn't respond to most taunts and irritations, he could care, he's a fox. The only thing that really gets his attention is music and dancing, he loves it.


{A GREETING:} "Hello." OR *yelp*

{A CHALLENGE:} "Okay, let's get this over with." OR [sigh]

{AN ATTACK:} "HEY" OR *Nasty fox growl* and one of the following: immediate retaliation in the form of magic or fists; Run/walk away. (the former is used only when backed into a corner, fighting for a friend or he is really pissed off)

{A PASS:} "Buy you a drink?" OR *yelp* and a playful lick

He is a fox who can shape-shift into a human form. HE IS STILL A FOX IN MIND AND SOUL!! He doesn't remember anything about his past except that he was sucked into CAPOW from a forest outside Seattle.

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Len "Sable" Mallory
[STATUS:] Cybernetic marvel
[DAY JOB:] He is a club musician and plays with a small band "The Blue Flame". He's the drummer.
[AGE:] 21
[SEX:] Male
[HAIR/EYE COLOUR:] Brown hair and Green eyes

He is about 5'10" and is a fairly well built guy (literally). Relatively decent looking. Very average.

Usually wears a leather jacket, ray-bans, with jeans and combat boots.

He carries four handguns, a generic SMG, along with a couple clips for each, and about five to ten diamond coated knives with him at all times. Various heavier weapons are available if the situation requires and he is able to procure them (whatever works).

He has no magical power at all. Plays the drums very well. He is a crack shot and is an expert at brawling. He is also skilled enough with bladed weapons to know how to use most swords and knives. Can drive. Has a rather impressive set of cybernetic enhancements courtesy of shadowrun. (two cyber legs and right cyber arm, cyber-eyes, -ears, and smartlink (think robocop). His cyber arm contains a cybergun(shotgun with a clip that goes out from his arm) and both arms hold wolverine style claws. The cybergun 'hole' is in his palm and claws have little notches on the back of his hands.

Kill em' all, let God sort em' out. Magic holds few surprises for him but he is always a little on edge around anything supernatural (except his bass and electric guitar players).


{A GREETING:} YO!! Compadre!!

(lesser foe:) puts right hand to challengers head and fires.
(equal or greater foe:) opens up with every conceivable weapon he has.

{AN ATTACK:} Take it like a man and spit it right back at em'.

{A PASS:} "ah, you noticed me? How nice."

Sable is from the Shadowrun dimension but got sent to Capow on a mission to find some great big diamond. He found it and came back to Capow when he was done. He likes it here. Sable does try to keep up his contacts in Seattle just to see if any jobs are waiting for him, although there rarely is. He was the youngest of five brothers. He was orphaned during a car crash when he was five, and only his oldest brother survived. His brother gave up everything to care for _Sable (I do mean everything, including his life). Sable is very fond of his friends and would-be family/band although he could never truly admit it. His pride and joy is the RV. It isn't anything special, he just loves it like a mother lion loves an only cub.

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