[CHARACTER'S NAME:]Ashton Lashiec Reid
[STATUS:] Ashton is searching for a book of curselifting to break the curse of his sword, Kadrasheal.

At 6'0 and 173 lbs, a pretty face, hooked nose, and shoulder-length black hair, Ashton would be quite normal-looking if not for a dark grey cloud that hovers above only his head and rains whenever Ashton is outdoors.

Ashton usually wears all black (White clothes are a problem since he's usually getting rained on), and is hardly ever seen without his white sleeveless raincloak or his sword, Kadrasheal, which he carries at his belt. His boots and gloves are specially made to be waterproof while still allowing maximum freedom of movement. Ashton wears a special dark-tinted contact lens that gives him incredible eyesight, even while enduring a torrent of rain from his cloud. Beneath his raincloak, he also carries a lyre.

Ashton carries a cursed sword, Kadrasheal, which literally means "Wing of the Demon". The white blade is approximately three feet in length, made of an unknown metal, serrated and jagged in seemingly random places, and tinted very slightly green.

KADRASHEAL: Ashton's sword Kadrasheal, though cursed, has extraordinary powers. A cut made by this sword will never heal completely, and will inflict a year of bad luck on the receiver. The degree of bad luck varies according to the severity of the cut.
JUMPING: Through a combination of his special boots and natural ability, Ashton is able to jump extreme distances. He can usually leap fifteen to twenty feet high with a running start, ten standing still. Distances, with a running start he can fly about thirty to thirty-five feet, while usually around twenty standing still. This makes Ashton quite a nuisance in combat, as he can flip over and around his opponents with complete ease.
LIGHTNING BOLTS: The usually stoic Ashton is very slow to anger, but when he becomes enraged, weak bolts of lightning may strike the object of his anger. These lightning bolts usually cause no permanent harm, just shocking and stunning people for a minute or two, much to the degree of a taser. This ability has adverse affects though; if Ashton becomes angry with himself, he gets struck by lightning as well.
MUSIC: Ashton has a natural talent for playing and composing music on his Lyre. To a small degree, Ashton can change people's emotions to where they are closer to his own by pouring his heart into a melody.
EYESIGHT: Ashton has incredible vision, being able to see the smallest detail at a distance of anywhere from 1 centimeter to a quarter of a mile.

BAD LUCK: A result of the curse of Kadrasheal, Ashton's luck is just flat out terrible to the point of defying all odds. He always rolls ones on a die, he always loses on the flip of a coin, and he can pull 51 cards out of a deck at random without getting the one he wanted. If anything can go wrong in Ashton's life, it will. The bad luck has a few select limitations, in that it will not cause physical harm to befall Ashton that wouldn't happen normally. In other words, in a typical day, Ashton might lose his wallet, break up with his girlfriend, and have his hotel room infested with starving giant rats who eat his every possession and the walls too, but he'll never so much as trip and scrape his knee.
THE CLOUD: A result of the curse of Kadrasheal, Ashton has a grey cloud that never stops floating above his head. It will rain on him incessantly when he is outdoors, stopping only when Ashton's surrounded by a roof and four walls.
KADRASHEAL: Ashton and Kadrasheal are linked in some strange fashion. If Ashton is away from Kadrasheal, he gets sick, and progressively becomes more ill until he dies. Ashton can survive two weeks without Kadrasheal at most. Ashton can sense Kadrasheal's location at all times, even having faint traces of it if it were on another planet.
NIGHTMARES: Ashton never sleeps without constant nightmares. He frequently wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, drenched in a cold sweat and short of breath.

Ashton is a complicated individual. He is quite shy, soft-spoken, stoic, and usually manages to keep a straight face in any situation. Ashton is often depressed by his curse, and plays his lyre to express his silent emotions. Sometimes, when alone, he sings along with the melody. Around others, though quiet, he is usually kind and generous, worrying about the needs of others before his own. He has a sense of humor, though it usually lies hidden beneath his quiet, dark demeanor. Ashton has no difficulty in killing anyone should they threaten him or his friends, or be in the way of his search. Generally carrying a bitter attitude about being cursed, Ashton vents through his music and killing.


(a friend) "Oh, it's you. What can I do for you?"
(a stranger) "I'm Ashton. Pleased to meet you."
(an enemy) "What do you want now?"

(someone of lesser power) "Have it your way, pal."
(someone of similar or equal power) "Very well, it's your funeral, pal."
(someone of greater power) "You may kill me, but you'll attend my funeral with several large cuts, pal."

(defending someone) "Kadrasheal, Show me your power!"(leaps high into the air at attacker)(Note: If it's someone Ashton really cares about, more often than not, he'll get angry and do his lightning bolt trick.)
(nobody to defend) "..."(draws sword and tries to kill attacker)

(From a beautiful female) (blushes heavily, smiles, says nothing)
(From an average female) (blushes lightly, smiles, says nothing)
(From an ugly female) (smiles slightly, says nothing)

Ashton was born in the city of Neventis, a city that floated on water. When Ashton was only ten years old, the city was destroyed by a massive kraken. Ashton remembered being sucked into the water and into the gaping, cavernous maw of the kraken, where he hooked himself in a giant air pocket between a pair of teeth. In his struggle not to be swallowed, Ashton stumbled upon a sword, and used it to cut out through the side of the kraken's mouth. He had tried to swim to the surface, but had blacked out before he made it. The next thing Ashton knew, he was lying on an unfamiliar surface (Ashton had never seen land before) coughing up water. The sword was still with him. His family, friends, possessions, and home have all been lost.

Over time, Ashton adapted to a new way of life, living on the streets, learning a living with his nimble fingers and his sword. He began to discover over time that his luck was horrible. On his 16th birthday, he lost the sword for awhile. He became sick, and the cloud appeared over his head. When he found the sword later, the sickness went away, but the cloud stayed. Ashton experimented several times with leaving the sword somewhere. Each time he got sick, more so the longer he stayed away. After extensive research, he confirmed his thoughts that the sword was cursed. Ashton now looks for a certain book that can tell him how to break the sword's curse so that he may live his life in peace.


[CHARACTER'S NAME:]Engelin Savol
[STATUS:]Engelin is a "Rogue", the name for a magic-user with a jewel embedded in their forearm who is either not a member of Grandcross or has been banished from the aforementioned. She is hunted by the Grandcross.

Engelin stands at 5'6, sporting long lime green hair and soulful eyes a slightly darker shade of green. She has a very curvaceous figure, and is heavy enough in the chest to attract many unwanted lecherous admirers. From the inside of each earlobe, she bears two crescent-shaped scars that travel down the side of her neck. A brownish-yellow elliptical-shaped jewel is imbedded in her right forearm.

Being a compulsive shopper, Engelin is almost never seen with the same outfit twice voluntarily. Her favorite outfit consists of a skirt that matches her hair color and a light colored shirt with one of several arcane designs. She always wears a belt pack when on duty, and keeps Bachu-Bachu, her Pygmy Albino Pikachu, inside.

Being opposed to violence and never having the emotional strength to cause someone harm her only weapons are her charm and the protection of Bachu-Bachu.

MAGICAL HEALING: By merging her spirit with that of the wounded, Engelin can heal their wounds, ailments, and illnesses to some degree. Engelin feels the pain or effects of whatever she heals, and though it causes her no permanent harm, she usually feels drained and exhausted after doing so. Engelin cannot heal herself, though she can heal Bachu-Bachu.
BACHU-BACHU: A Grandcross laboratory pikachu that was the victim of several wicked experiments, Bachu-Bachu is, as a result of genetic manipulation, slightly smaller than a normal pikachu and bright white in color. Grandcross had been about to dispose of the genetically mutated pikachu, but Engelin opted to keep him in exchange for sparing the poor creature. Engelin named him Bachu-Bachu. Bachu-Bachu will protect Engelin with his life, firing electric jolts out of the light blue sacs in his cheeks at anything he deems a threat.
SYMPATHY FOR THE ROGUES: Many people in the world dislike the Grandcross as of late, thinking they have become corrupted. As a result, Rogues often find shelter, supplies, information, and a place to stay without much effort.

THE LIFE OF A ROGUE: Engelin is legally an outlaw, and is constantly hunted by authority and the Grandcross. She is not allowed into many places, cannot get a job, is constantly mistrusted, and cannot carry a weapon, though the last is not a problem for her as she is opposed to violence anyway.
PANCAKES: Engelin will do virtually anything for a pancake. If you've ever seen the old Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers cartoons, her weakness is about to the extent of Monterey Jack's weakness for cheese. She will lose all train of thought and abandon all else if she sees or smells a pancake. If the pancake is blueberry or has maple syrup, the intensity of the effect is doubled cumulatively, overriding even her dislike of violence should anyone stand between her and the pancake. Engelin would walk straight into a ravine without thinking should a pancake be on the opposite side.

Engelin is usually cheerful and humorous, and while sometimes shy around people she doesn't know, can be outgoing once she feels at ease with someone. She has a tendency to be affected easily by stress on both emotional and physical levels, and can become snappish and difficult to get along with. Engelin is by nature very flirtatious, so long as her targets can look her in the eyes without glancing downwards.


(a friend) "(smiles) Hiiiiiii.)"
(a stranger) "(smiles) Hiii there, I'm Engelin, nice to meet you."
(an enemy) "What do you want? I'm busy."

(someone of lesser power) "(glares at challenger) Go away."
(someone of similar or equal power) "(bites her lip) Why do you want to fight me?"
(someone of greater power) "(bites her lip and fights back tears) What did I ever do to you?"

(defending someone) "Nooo! (Flings body into attacker)" (nobody to defend) "(Turns, runs, and screams for help)"
(When Bachu-Bachu is with her and she cannot run) "Bachu-Bachu, Use your thundershock!"
(When Bachu-Bachu steals a bite of her pancake) "(Swats him off the table with something that doesn't conduct electricity) Bad mouse! Get out of here!

(From a handsome male) (Bats her eyelashes, Grins flirtatiously and slides up next to victim, leaning her head on his shoulder) Hii there.
(From an average male) (Bats her eyelashes, Grins flirtatiously and slides up next to victim) Hii there.
(From an ugly male) (Bats her eyelashes, Grins flirtatiously) Hii there.
(From a male who's staring at her chest) (annoyed tone) *Ahem!* Can I help you with something?
(From a male with a pancake) (Her eyes light up, she sits on the victim's lap, bats her eyelashes, and flirts shamelessly with him until she gets the pancake)
(From a female) (If she's in the right mood, bats her eyelashes, grins flirtatiously and says Hii there.)

Engelin discovered her magical powers when she was 17, after her best friend, Razor, nearly died after a freak shaving accident while drunk. After the incident, Razor, already a Bren of Grandcross, persuaded Engelin to join the Grandcross. Engelin was accepted into the training, passed to become a Bren, and had a brownish-yellow jewel imbedded into her arm. A couple of times she had visited the laboratory areas to talk to a man there who knew a lot of healing and would teach her things. Engelin became proficient in her healing skills here, and also met the laboratory pikachu that Grandcross performed their more risky experiments upon.

Eventually, Engelin came to be fond of the pikachu, both before and after its growth had been stunted and it had turned bright white. When Grandcross was done with the Pikachu, they were going to kill it, but Engelin took it on as a pet out of pity and love, and feeling a strange bond with the cute little creature. All Grandcross members who are the rank of Novice or Bren and not Captain or Paladin may not use their powers without orders or permission from a Captain or Paladin. Generally, Grandcross members are forgiving for such deeds, but for reasons unknown, Engelin was prosecuted to the full extent of Grandcross Law, and since she escaped being "Purged", was declared to be a Rogue.

Too many to list, as she's got a bit of every anime girl I've ever seen in her, from the green hair to the doing anything for a food she loves. The primary one, obviously, would be Pokemon, because of Bachu-Bachu.