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Iahfis Shrike

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Iahfis Shrike
[STATUS:] Bumbling Wizard

Rather average looking. Unkempt short dark brown/black hair, brown eyes, and a shoujo anime-guy type of build. 5'9"

light purple tunic with a light black metal breastplate. Dark violet trousers and a pair of black boots. Trousers are held up with a belt with a gleaming silver buckle that carved to look like a wisp of flame. Wears a silver crescent moon pendant around his neck. His other outfit is a long light purple robe with big sleeves, tied at the waist with a braided golden silk rope. Boots and pendant remain the same.

none listed

Can run really fast if the need arises.
Summon Food: Iahfis uses this to summon a quick meal. Nothing gourmet, but he can summon up a good burger or a fried chicken leg.
Fireball: Fireball the size of a basketball flung at opponent. Note that the ball is made of FIRE ONLY. There is no rock in the middle of the fireball. So when this is shot at a brick wall, it will just leave a scorch mark on the wall. It won't make a hole in it or anything.
Shield: An aura forms around Iahfis that protects him from small projectiles like rocks, arrows, and bullets. Won't protect against things like rockets or bazookas.
Dual Luck: A sort of ingrown ability he posesses. He has really bad luck, but will have really good luck to counter it soon afterward to prevent him from getting killed. For instance, while fishing in the forest he could come upon a group of hungry wolves which will promptly chase him and try to eat him. He'll find a tree to climb, but it'll just happen that the tree has a hive of wasps. This will force him to jump to a nearby tree. However, he'll miss and only be able to grab onto a branch. He'll lose grip on the branch and fall onto the ground, where the wolves will turn around and start the approach. When he lets go of the branch, he sends a pine cone sailing into the air, dislodging the hive of wasps and sending it straight to the middle of the pack of wolves, causing them to run away like a bunch of scared little poodles.

Can't fight physically. Can and has been beaten up by fifth graders in the past. Spells aren't that great. Weak against powerful long-range projectiles as well.

Afflicted with eternal sexual cluelessness syndome (TM). He is also very cowardly and can at times seem paranoid. If he knows that you're not trying to kill him, he'll be a very easy person to get along with. When it comes down to Fight or Flight, he'll usually go with Flight unless there's someone there to cloud his judgement.


{A GREETING:} A friendly smile and a wave.

{A CHALLENGE:} Eep! Me? ::looks around:: ::gulps::

{AN ATTACK:} ::starts running aimlessly and frantically flailing his arms::ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit I'm going to die!

{A PASS:} Erp! ::gulps:: ::looks around:: ::breathes in deeply to prevent blood from escaping his nostrils:: Me?

Iahfis was named after what his father kept saying each time Iahfis's mother kept pressuring him to marry her (I ain't his father I say).

Ever since Iahfis was a child he wanted to be a wizard. Luckily, there was a magic university nearby that Iahfis attended. Although he worked hard, he was about as magically talented as a large grey rock. At second year, when other students other students were summoning wolves and making funnel clouds, Iahfis could barely master the fireball spell (the standard third spell you learn in almost any self-respecting magic curriculum).

The school elders were already holding secret meeting regarding Iahfis, and he was on the verge of getting dropped...but he showed them all and got expelled before they could come to a final decision.

One night, at a wizard-equivalent of a fraternity, he got drunk. No one knows exactly what happened, but a whole section wing of the university was levelled in a giant explosion. And the university mascot (a rare unicorn) was never the same ever again...

So he was expelled...from the dimension in fact. The elders were so furious they decided to banish him to a random dimension...which just happens to be the one that CAPOW is set in. He had, after all ruined the name of the university and blown away countless slabs of precious marble.

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