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Nakamoto Kirin

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Nakamoto Kirin
[STATUS:] high school student in Tokyo.

Extremely long, black hair that tends toward straight, but often moves of its own volition, reflecting Kirin's state of mind and emotions. dark brown eyes, wire-rimmed glasses, 5'3", pretty enough in an unconscious sort of way, usually has a very intelligent and direct [some would call steely] look in her eyes.

Currently in the winter school uniform -- Medium-dark blue jacket over white shirt and black skirt. Perpetually carries a bookbag. Is also wearing a glowing red pendent.

1) her Book: an amazingly useful weapon, as or more damaging than most melee weapons, can be used both in close and ranged combat, and is particularly good at bonking people over the head into SD-mode.
2) her intellect and reasearch ability: she is often seen paging through her Book while faced with combat, and not infrequently produces bits of pertinent information.

The Book includes the aforementioned research ability, as well as a special papercut attack that does more damage than the blunt attack and leaves the victim with many humiliating paper scars. Another ability she has allows her to concentrate intensely on a task, gaining skill in the process, if losing touch a bit with the world around her. She is also in the process of learning how to draw upon and control her ki in the form of magic; this power is still very early in the development stages. Among her other skills are being able to project while reading aloud or reciting, understanding libraries, and blending into the background when necessary.

Kirin is on an Ancestral Quest for a particularly legendary book one of her Ancestors lost many centuries ago. Ever since that time, her family line has been devoted to reclaiming that book. She has a wonderfully definite worldview that nevertheless easily incorporates new information; she is *not* easily fazed. She is generally polite to people, but finds some social niceties to be unnecessary frippery. She also has a somewhat low tolerance for stupidity. In general, she is "good", practical, matter-of-fact, determined, and calm, and somewhat of a loner.


{A GREETING:} meet eyes, nod, "hello"

{A CHALLENGE:} i don't particularly want to fight you. there *are* better ways to settle differences, you know.

{AN ATTACK:} finds a good defensive position, and throws her book. In a prolonged fight, she will observe, and then figure out the best way to defeat her opponent. she may also put up a magical defensive shield.

{A PASS:} likely doesn't notice. may completely ignore. may give drop-dead, don't-be-ridiculous look. may give amused, now-you're-being-silly look. will probably change topic.

She has a pet hedgehog that lives in her hair, reads manga, and provides her with amusement as well as occasional quest intuition and bodyguard services. I should also note that the school she goes to is no ordinary school. She transferred there only recently, spurred by a particular Meditation (trance-like state of concentration that, when she's lucky, sometimes leads her to interesting things, usually related to her Quest) coupled with a book she found in the Kyoto library near her home that indicated that this school was the next stop in her Quest. It is a very old, infinite building with continually changing corridors; my belief is that she entered the CAPOW universe after taking a wrong turn trying to get to the library.

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