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Kayla N. Star

[ALIASES:] Kay, Missy
[STATUS:] Private Investigator, Informant (for the right price)

Kayla is unusually tall at 5 foot 11. Shoulder length raspberry hair with silver bangs frame her light brown face. She is about average weight for her height. Even though Kay is only 18 she still needs glasses to correct her vision. Fairly attractive with young violet eyes, she always has black or a very deep colored lipstick on.

Her usual attire consist of long dresses/skirts or loose pants and a short sleeve shirt or jersey. Her shoes are mostly tennis, but she will wear anything that's comfortable. Her basic rule is function over fashion (never know when you've got to run). The glasses that she wears are always tinted to match her outfits.

Yo-yo: 4 inches in diameter made of mahogany wood used to inflict damage in the ordinary pervert, mugger, etc., (also handy to entertain the kiddies)

Camera: Minolta 9,000, Silent Flash/Shutter, 360-mm zoom, Simply the best money can buy.

Mild telekinesis: able to deflect low energy attacks and small projectiles
Disguise talent: Can totally change appearance in under 2 min
Speed and Gymnastics

Being the youngest of three children, Kayla is somewhat spoiled. Outspoken and a little temperamental, she doesn't hold her tongue often which has caused some problems in the past. She can you're best friend or you're worst enemy. Kay is not really one for fighting especially if there is a good chance the outcome won't be in her favor. One of the most stubborn people you will ever meet, Kayla will not back down easily. Her adventurous nature keeps her from sitting in one spot for too long.


{A GREETING:} Friends: "Aloha" Others: "Hello, how are you"

{A CHALLENGE:} "And you are?"

{AN ATTACK:} “Oh, It's on now!”

(total babe to avg. guy:) "Keep talking"
(ugly dude:) "Friends, okay?"

Kayla came from a basically normal family. Her parents made a comfortable living, her dad a marine and her mom a undertaker. Kayla and her siblings lived with her mother until she died when Kay was eight. Then she along with her older brother and sister lived with their dad hopping from base to base and town to town. Although her dad meant well, he hadn't seen them much before that due to his job and wasn't too apt at raising kids. She learned a strict sense of loyalty not mention punctuality and to make everything count. While traveling she took classes in photography and hand to hand combat. Tired of military life Kayla left "home" at 16 after finishing school, and since making somewhat of a living working as P. I. And (sometimes) informant for the cops. Some of the marine influences have had an impact on her personality, good and bad. Has a thing for a man in uniform ^_~.

Usually has a knack for figuring out what people really mean behind all they're saying.

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