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[STATUS:] College Student/SDF Junior Lieutenant

Miko stands 5'10" tall. She has bright blue eyes, and wears glasses because she thinks "It make her look cute". Her face is framed by long, brown hair. She is not muscular, and, in fact, probably scores below average in this department... As for clothing, she likes to wear dark, loose fitting clothes. Usually blacks and blues.

Nothing impressive, just an affinity for machines that translate into the ability to pilot any vehicle, the ease of use is proportional to the complexity of the vehicle. (The more complex, the easier, standard anime procedure. ^_^) This is part of the reason she ended up in the SDF.

Miko is very independent, she tends to do things her own way, which usually emphasizes style over effectiveness, speed over strength. She is also generally silly, offbeat. She tends to smile a lot, and often picks up on small oddities or puns within something others, or she, has said runs with them. She also likes to argue, and is perfectly willing to argue anything. Her sense of weird and general love of wordplay makes her a dangerous opponent in such a verbal battle. As far as leadership qualities go, she does not consider herself a leader, but, if forced, she can do a great job. Finally, she can be quite naive at times, which inevitably leads to her doing odd things and ending up rather confused. Her motivations/Goals, anoo...well, off the top off my head, to impress Ryan... ^_^

Nothing special, born and raised in a small town. When she went off to college, she ended up joining the SDF. There she met Ryan, and developed a crush on him.

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