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Hunter Stuart

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Hunter Stuart
[HAIR/EYE COLOUR:] Dark Brown / Eyes vary in color, depending on what he's thinking. :-)

[normal form] Tall and muscular. Striking resemblance to Cdr. Riker of Star Trek- The Next Generation.
[cursed form] Exact copy of Nabiki Tendo.

Wears a Dick Tracy style coat, tan in color, and a hat.

Just about anything he can throw at/hit you with. :-)

Has a Jusenkyo-style curse which turns him into Nabiki Tendo-with all her powers of seduction/conniving. In his normal form, he can (similar to Mousse) pull anything out of Malletspace, but only resorts to it if absolutely necessary, prefers to use his hands or whatever's available in the "real" world when fighting. Can also use chi attacks, but never does (unless REALLY pissed). In his cursed form, he acts totally like Nabiki.

[normal form]Very calm and observant. Usually the moderator in a fight, until you get personal with him.
[cursed form]You should know this by now. :-)


(friend:) "Greetings," Hunter nodded. "Long time no see."
(stranger:) "Hello," Hunter said with a cool smile. "Nice to meet you."

{A CHALLENGE:} "Now, now," Hunter said calmly. "Do we really need to fight over this? I'm sure we can settle this a better way, but if you want to fight, that can be arranged."

{AN ATTACK:} "You've tried my patience to the end of it's tether. Now we do this the hard way," Hunter growled menacingly as he reached into his coat and pulled out [insert weapon here] while easily avoiding the attack. He waited, sizing up his opponent and anticipating the next move.

{A PASS:} (He'll window shop *wink* but keeps his emotions and desires hidden - In other words, insert whatever seems appropriate here)

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