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Susano Orbatos | Jason Noble

[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Susano Orbatos
[ALIASES:] "Hey, Pretty Boy" and "MOTHERFUCKER!"
[STATUS:] Varies (actually a Demigod/Avatar of the true god Susano Takehaya)
[AGE:] 19

A Pretty boy- a shy, yet serious look with large, sky blue eyes and long eyelashes. Height: 5'11" Has deep, cinder red bangs that stretch out from the top of his head and hang down several inches away from his forehead. He has a lean, fit muscle tone.

Light armor of unknown material and origin over smatterings of chain mail. Armor shoulder pads visible; rest of body covered in long cloak. The armor plate itself is very lightweight; the actually weight comes from the chainmail.

Dual-handed sword of Yamato-no Orochi (the seven headed naga's tail); blade measures nearly 2 meters long.

Susano has an exceptional defensive ability in combat. Spawned from endless bullying from his younger years, the powers of Susano Takehaya ended up feeding only upon his defensive tendences, thus creating an amazingly stellar defense, but no god-like powers and abilities evident in normal demigods. Susano is a relatively proficient swordsman; above average, but not an expert. The power of his sword compensates dramatically for his swordsmanship, but the compensation makes the sword very much of a crutch; he tries not to depend on it, but has a natural inclination towards fighting with it. Susano is a lousy driver and he also can't swim.

Not arrogant. Genuinely kind-hearted. Very meek. Intelligent with a good strong memory, however he has an unfortunate streak of naivity, particularly around and about females.

Susano has no idea that he's a banished God. This contributes to his complete change in personality; this may, perhaps, be the true Susano-wo. His memories are clear, but at some point during his tenure in college, he received his armor and the Sword of the Naga's Tail at around the time of his 18th birthday. Susano is actually an avatar of Susano-wo Takehaya, not the actual god Susano-wo.

Susano is in love with Jinx, but isn't sure what to make of the situation. Susano has never gone on a date with a girl, despite several offers during his teenaged years. His lack of confusion attributes to his attraction to the much younger Jinx.

During the Magical Girl Convention, Susano first met Dachend and instantaneously disliked him. Susano's polite meekness never really gelled well with Dachend's abrasive attitude, which led to Susano's breaking of Dachend's jaw and their subsequent complete falling out.

Susano spends alot of time travelling, which has taken him accross America several times. One of his usual hang outs is Louisville, Kentucky, where he met Jason Noble, a young musician. The two of them barely get along; more of a begrudging love/hate friendship.

[ALIASES:] "The Cracker" or "Trailer trash", and, the more recent nick, "Jay" (he added it in to cause confusion within the CAPOW world, of course
[STATUS:] Musician (Hampshire U. graduate [he got a scholarship], major in 16th Century European Literature, minor in Art History... obviously, he doesn't make much cash.)
[AGE:] 19

5’10”. Pleasant looking in a laid back, southern-fried style. He's not exactly clean cut, but, yes, he washes regularly. Think scruffy. He's also got a thin, almost skinny frame.

Most commonly found with tight-fitting black or brown jeans with a pair of old Converse All stars. T-shirts vary, but he usually is found with a dress shirt or dirt-colored flannel shirt on top (yes, even in hot weather).

Usually carrying a cheep Harmony Music acoustic guitar, but he does have a Fender Sabremaster bass stashed away god-knows-where... safely away from potential thieves, at the least. ^_^

Although, well, than him being a spacey kid from Louisville Kentucky, Jason has a strong songwriting talent and within his "repertoire" of paper scraps one can find masses of scribbles that lead to strong, moving poetic lyrics. He's just kinda lazy on the music end of it.

Of Southern upbringing, Jason is a relaxed, very laid back individual with a touch of a sunny disposition. VERY rarely does he get particularly passionate about anything, like getting angry or sad or depressed... he does get happy lots, though. ^_^ Southern attitude means southern hospitality, and Mr. Noble lives up to his last name... though not with any ridiculous chivalry.


Jason DOES speak with a strong Western Kentucky accent (read: Southern), but he does NOT say "Southern" things other than "ya'll"... so normal dialogue is as follows:

(from male friend:) "'Ey you fucker! Ah haven't seen ya in AGES, bro!" Jason grinned wolfishly.
(from female friend:) "Pardon, it's great to see yr lovely smile again," Jason smiled and bowed his head slightly, right hand accross his chest.
(from male stranger:) "Glad ta meet yuh!" Jason smiled pleasantly. "What parts you comin' aroun' from, stranger..?"
(from female stranger:) "'Scuse me, ah haven't had the pleasure of”

{A CHALLENGE:} "Hey, bro," Jason started uneasily, raising his hands cooly, "Ah don't wanna start nothin' if it's cool with you."
(from clear an' present danger) "Ahhhhhhh..... shee-it....!!!" Jason bolts.

(from any girl:) "'Ey, li'l missy, I'm not quite so sure I know you that well," smiles Jason, "but just take it slow, that's all, pretty missy. Want a drink..?"
(from any guy) see challenge

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