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[STATUS:] Robbed of his memories two years ago, he seeks vengeance, and truth.
[AGE:] 18
[HAIR/EYE COLOUR:] Both dark brown

Rekishi is "ruggedly handsome" and usually sports a 5 0' clock shadow. Stands 5'11"

He wears black ankle high boots under loose fitting black pants. A loose fitting brown button up shirt is tucked into the pants, with the top two buttons unopened, with a fitted black t-shirt underneath. Over everything he has a dark navy blue trench coat which is usually opened. If he feels it is warranted, he is able to conceal the staff under the coat by means of a simple illusion spell.

Carries a long wooden staff, approximately 6 in length. The tip of the staff consists of a dragon's mouth, opened wide to encircle a ball, with it's teeth biting into it. The Japanese characters for "Rekishi," which means "history" in Japanese, are engraved into the ball. The rest of the staff is simple, almost plain in design.

Physical Combat: Rekishi is perhaps a slightly above average martial artist with the aid of his staff. He becomes a much more deadly opponent, however, when he combines his physical ability with his magical know-how.

Soul Illumination: Has an innate ability to sense the level of which a person is able to harness his/her inner power. In this way he can formulate a general idea of how spiritually or magically powerful people are, as well as the power of objects utilized by them (i.e. objects that draw upon the user's energy).

Illusion ability: Rekishi is adept at casting illusions, or, to use another term, "playing tricks with light." They can be as small as disguising a person's face, to grand illusions such as disguising, hiding (invisibility), or even creating the presence of buildings, or even possibly small cities.

Light Manipulation (somewhat related to his illusion ability): Rekishi is able to summon virtually any quantity of light into his surroundings. As well, he is able to remove virtually any quantity of artificial light from his surroundings.

Healing: Rekishi is capable of administering healing spells of various strengths.

Special Powers/Techniques:

Tranquil Spray: As he makes a sweeping motion in the direction of his opponent with his staff, it emits numerous darts of energy in a fashion similar to Ukyou's multi-mini-spatula attack. If the energy darts make contact with his opponent's flesh they will render him/her momentarily immobile, generally for somewhere between 5 to 10 seconds. Opponents with a large body mass, or a high level of imperviousness to energy attacks will be affected for a shorter time, however. The darts will not penetrate energy resistant armour.

Dragon Smash: The staff emits at a high speed a round orb of red energy, approximately the size of a large human head. The orb acts like a solid object upon contact with Rekishi's opponent. The force the orb has when it makes contact is determined by Rekishi, and can be very small, like being swatted by a feather, or very large, such as having a small automobile collide with you at high speed.

Electric Fire: The staff emits an intense bolt of electricity from its head towards Rekishi's target, equivalent in power to a lightening bolt.

Burning Dragon Freedom: Rekishi's most powerful destructive spell. Red light spills from the staff's head, enveloping him completely. Once completely surrounded, there is an explosive blast of immense power that travels in all directions away from Rekishi, destroying with abandon. Buildings, trees, life, are all consumed till the area is left as barren as the moon. Effectively, Rekishi becomes a miniature atom bomb. At his current level the maximum destruction radius for this technique is perhaps 1000m. (Note: Rekishi has never used this spell, nor does he plan to, as it is so completely destructive. As well, this technique would require all of his concentration and when performed, would drain him completely, both physically and magically).

Defensive/ Special Healing: Dragon Shield: When the staff is twirled rapidly in front of Rekishi's body, it generates a blue force field which cannot be breached by physical means. The area the field covers is very limited, however, as it will only protect his front side, leaving him very vulnerable. He mostly uses this defense as a shield against projectile attacks. Variation: Dragon Shield Smash: Rekishi can propel the Dragon Shield forward at a reasonable speed. It acts in a similar way to the Dragon Smash technique, except that this maneuver begins to dissipate and lose strength much sooner than the Dragon Smash technique.

Dragon Egg Shield: Rekishi can create large force fields that surround whatever it is he is trying to protect. They can be any virtually any size in theory, but Rekishi will for the most part, only make relatively small fields. He prefers shields small enough to protect and surround just himself and a few others. This is because it takes much more concentration to create large force fields, and also because large force fields are weaker.

Intensive Care: Rekishi's most powerful healing spell. What makes this spell amazing is the speed at which it heals and rejuvenates, in that it will repair major bodily damage almost immediately (i.e. a person will go from being near death to perfectly normal almost instantaneously). Rekishi will only use this spell if he feels the injured person's skills are needed immediately, and a less powerful, slower working healing spell will not do. This spell can be Rekishi's most draining spell, in that if the healing energy transferred from Rekishi's body is too great, he could fall into a coma, or possibly worse.

Note: Aside from Soul Illumination, Rekishi's other powers seem to, in whole or in part, originate from his staff. As a result, the staff and him are inseparable, both because Rekishi relies on it during battle, but also because it is perhaps the most important clue to finding out about his past (See Rekishi's background).

Technology. For the most part, Rekishi is fairly technologically illiterate. As well, he tends to distrust beings that rely on technology more than those who do not.

He tends to be wary of people he doesn't know. When around strangers he generally had a non-expressive look, which people regard as serious and sometimes even intimidating. Around close friends he will be more open, but he will never be the "life of the party." He has loosened up considerably as of late, however, most likely thanks to his newfound love with Emiko. He is confident in his abilities as a fighter, however he will, for the most part, not instigate a fight. He rarely refuses a challenge, though.


(friend:) He smiles warmly. "Hello, friend!"
(other:) Nods his head, forcing a quick smile.

{A CHALLENGE:} His stern look pierces deep into his opponents eyes, with an almost evil smile on his lips. Gripping his staff firmly in front of him with both hands, he says, "I graciously accept your challenge. I hope you will graciously accept your defeat. Let us begin."

{A PASS:} Rekishi tends to be more quiet than usual around beautiful women he is unfamiliar with. As a result, women often may think that he is not very approachable. As he is currently the property of one Emiko Kawasaki, however, if someone does make a pass at him, he will find the quickest and most polite way to decline, but usually not without acting somewhat awkward.

Rekishi has no knowledge of who he is past the last two years of his life. One day, he awoke, under a large tree, clad in the garments he still wears. Lying next to him was a wooden staff, simple in design except for the intricate design of the staff's head. It was a dragon with jaws imbedded into a large ball, as if attempting to crush it. The word 'Rekishi' was engraved into the ball. Savoring the irony, the young man took the name 'Rekishi' as his own. He vowed on that day, that no matter what odds he might face, he would find his true identity, and exact revenge on any who may have been responsible for his condition. He wandered for over a year, searching for clues here and there, when he stumbled onto The Lurker's Retreat. Since that fateful day, he has made friends, found love, and had many adventures, and for the first time he can remember, feels like he truly belongs.

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